What is Colocation? 

We’re all familiar with data centers and their integral function in modern business. However, as costs continue to rise, on-site data centers are becoming increasingly impractical, especially for smaller organizations. But what can you, as a business leader, do to combat the struggles of data management and computing capability? The answer could be colocation. Colocation, also known as colo, is leasing off-site space for servers, networking equipment, and other hardware necessary for your business to operate. Unlike on-site data centers, colocation facilities remove costly IT requirements and technical know-how, allowing you to focus on what you know best — business. In this article, we explore the many benefits you can experience when investing in a colocation facility. Plus, you see how Summit Hosting provides every benefit on this list and more, making it the facility of choice for many well-known software solutions! 

9 Extraordinary Benefits of Colocation

While an on-site data center gives you hands-on access to your tech stack, you need the right expertise to do more harm than good. Instead, check out the benefits you can experience when you let an expert, like Summit Hosting, manage your data center needs. 
  1. Unbeatable Security

    • Security is a vital component for keeping your business and customer information safe. Third-party data centers have robust cyber security that protects everything from HIPAA to PCI-compliant data. To protect this vital information, Summit Hosting provides multi-factor authentication, VPNs, and dedicated server space for optimal digital security. 
    • However, it’s not only data security you have to worry about. The physical equipment that powers your data center is extremely valuable. An off-site colocation facility will have dedicated security professionals to protect equipment from theft or other risks, like disgruntled employees or natural disasters. 
    • Typically, colocation facilities have extensive video monitoring, private storage spaces, dedicated physical security details, controlled access, and fire detection and suppression systems. This security suite would be costly to replicate in an on-premises setting yet comes standard through a colocation provider like Summit Hosting.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution

    • Businesses that invest in on-premises data centers are on the hook for startup costs, maintenance charges, and upgrade expenses. For example, a single server rack can cost upwards of $81,000, making an on-site solution impractical for many businesses.  
    • Startup costs are only the beginning of the expenses, as you’ll need to invest more into your IT department for upkeep. In addition to personnel, server rooms are power-hungry and space-dependent, requiring significant capital, especially if you plan to expand. 
    • When you partner with a colocation service provider, you avoid excess costs as IT teams, power, and infrastructure are part of the package. You’ll pay a low monthly, quarterly, or yearly charge for access to storage and bandwidth that covers everything else. It’s a more affordable approach to computing.
  3. Uninterrupted Connection

    • You may believe that an in-house data center has better network connectivity than a third-party solution. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, and that’s because off-site colocation data centers utilize backup network connections to ensure business continuity. 
    • Network connectivity, like other components of a data center, is expensive. The more you invest in network connectivity, the less you have for other vital business operations. Plus, the heavier the workloads, the more demand you place on your networks. Don’t risk total network failure; a colocation center can keep your network up and running.
  4. Impressive Scalability

    • We’ve already touched on how expensive it is to invest in your own servers. The capital expenditures businesses must swallow when expanding can make any owner reluctant to grow. Among the advantages of colocation is the ability to quickly scale up or back depending on business needs. 
    • When you partner with a third-party data center facility, like Summit Hosting, you can purchase more storage and bandwidth as you need, which is an excellent cost savings measure and a strategic advantage.
    • Businesses that can seize growth opportunities can capture more significant market segments. That flexibility only comes when investing in a cloud computing data center.
  5. Redundancy Protocols

    • Power outages, cooling issues, and network outages can impact business continuity, but redundant power and cooling systems only further compound the maintenance costs of an in-house data center
    • On the other hand, colocation centers invest in backup power supply, redundant cooling, and network systems. These redundant systems depend on generator-based power grid backups, and dedicated IT teams ensure those systems are in working order, just in case a failure happens.
  6. Maximal Uptime

    • Several factors, such as heat, dust, and external vibrations, impact uptime. In on-site data centers, these risks can lead to unintended downtime that impacts customers and staff. It’s also expensive to have dedicated teams handling uptime.
    • However, professional colocation facilities have expert teams whose sole responsibilities are maintaining a temperature-controlled, dust-free environment. Plus, additional teams run constant updates to keep equipment in top condition with the latest software.
  7. Trailblazing IT Infrastructure

    • We already mentioned how expensive new equipment could be, and those startup costs alone can force many businesses to invest in cheap or sub-par equipment. Without breaking the bank, there’s a better way — colocation data centers.
    • Colocation facilities, like Summit Hosting, invest in state-of-the-art equipment and IT infrastructure. Those investments mean clients can access tech that would otherwise be out of reach.
    • Just imagine what better equipment could do for your organization. The improved speed, uptime, and performance you can experience with newer equipment are only affordable through third-party providers.
  8. Disaster Recovery

    • The worst thing that can happen is a total loss of company information and resources. It’s a venerable nightmare scenario for leaders, especially those of understaffed and underfunded IT departments.
    • Disaster will strike, and when it does, will you be prepared with an up-to-date backup? If not, the results could be devastating. A third-party colocation facility is a solution to preventing that fate.
    • Summit Hosting provides regular nightly backups with access for 15 days or more. Disaster recovery is remote, and every backup has top-level EV SSL encryption to prevent data leaks. When disaster hits, be prepared with Summit Hosting.
  9. Continuous On-Premise Support

    • Internal data centers provide maximum control, yet you’re on your own when questions arise. That isolation can lead to poor decisions, extra costs, or slow reaction times when issues pop up. 
    • A colocation center won’t leave you stranded, and Summit Hosting’s 24/7/365 support is industry-leading. We understand that businesses don’t take a day off, and we ensure that a live person is available when you need it.
    • Our support extends to big-name software like QuickBooks, Intuit, and Sage. As certified hosting partners, we know the ins and outs like the back of our hands, so we can support you whenever questions or concerns arise.

Implement Colocation Services with Summit Hosting

Let’s break down the myth that only on-site data centers are capable of handling hardcore business functions. With an off-site colocation center, even small businesses can access technology that would be prohibitively expensive without a leasing option. Even large enterprises are ditching dedicated centers for hybrid cloud solutions, giving more momentum to public cloud optionsA third-party colocation facility provides more cyber security than a simple firewall, greater IT support than basic troubleshooting, and supports growth initiatives better than costly on-site methods. No provider can better handle these requirements than Summit Hosting. With over a decade of experience, human support, and state-of-the-art technology, Summit gives you total control of your data and computing. Summit Hosting — we’re always on, always secure. 

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