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No matter what your business needs are, the experts at Summit will develop creative ways to deploy our cloud hosting resources to meet them.

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Specializations Set Us Apart

The Summit team is committed to continuous learning and improvement. We’re focused on developing innovative solutions to help our clients overcome challenges so they can relentlessly pursue progress.

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BYOD Computing

We provide flexible, scalable infrastructure that allows your employees to access resources securely from their personal devices. Our secure access controls and virtualized environments ensure that only authorized users can access your applications and data without threatening compliance status or compromising performance.

GPU Virtual Workstations

Our robust hosting infrastructure easily supports graphically intensive processing tasks such as rendering, 3D modeling, and machine learning through powerful GPU virtual workstations. Get all the benefits of dedicated hardware without having to set up and maintain your own servers. We make it easy to scale capacity based on your evolving workload environments.

Practice Management

Host your practice management software on a secure, reliable platform built from the ground up to ensure compliance and privacy. Our infrastructure and managed hosting maintains your compliance status with data encryption, automatic backups, and dedicated resources that make it easy to securely manage patient information, appointments, billing, and administrative tasks.


Our compliance-oriented operations support your compliance needs with robust cybersecurity measures that protect your sensitive data and applications. We work closely with your compliance team to implement the access controls and processes that align your IT operations with regulatory requirements and keep your mission-critical assets secure.

Cloud Enablement

We provide a broad, flexible range of cloud solutions that help your organization take the next step on its digital transformation journey. Our team supports your migration to the cloud with scalable capacity planning, cost optimization strategies, and dynamic hybrid cloud solutions. Leverage our cloud infrastructure to unlock innovation and enduring business growth.

White Label Cloud Platform

Rebrand our customizable cloud infrastructure to deliver cloud-based products to your customers. We manage the backend tools, billing integrations, and customer support so you can expand services without dedicating resources to maintaining cloud servers. With dedicated servers, we help you provide your services with a secure, high-performance environment.

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Our Expertise
Drives Success

We leverage our specializations in cloud hosting and cybersecurity to build dynamic, scalable solutions for clients. Learn how we helped The Wise Company, a manufacturing and e-commerce company make the transition from their on-premises solution to a flexible, secure cloud environment.

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A Cloud for Every Industry

Our cloud engineering experience and security-centric operations allow us to implement scalable and tailored solutions that cater to the diverse compliance and performance standards of multiple industries.

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