Summit Secure Workspace

At Summit, your data security is non-negotiable. That’s why we protect every client with our multi-faceted cybersecurity workspace solution.

Enhance Your Security
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What Is Summit Secure Workspace?

Summit Secure Workspace combines a variety of industry-leading cybersecurity tools and practices that we use to keep your data and applications secure. Because we want to provide the most secure hosting services possible, every one of our clients receives these benefits automatically when they join us.

No catches. No hidden costs. Just world-class security.

Secure Your Business
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Core Features

24/7 Security  Operations  Team

24/7 Security Operations Team

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Patch Management

Patch Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Zero Trust Framework

Zero Trust Framework

Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

Summit Secure Workspace Platform

We leverage the industry’s most trusted names in cybersecurity to ensure that our hosting services provide you with peace of mind and unmatched protection from cyberthreats.

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An enterprise-grade endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, SentinelOne actively monitors your servers for malware and suspicious activity. It then logs activity and shuts down potential threats before damage or data exfiltration can occur.

  • Real-Time Threat Detection
  • 24/7 Server Protection
  • Automatic Response & Remediation
  • Incident Logging & Threat Analysis
  • Fully Automated Recovery
  • Threat Intelligence
TruGrid logo

A secure remote desktop protocol (RDP) that creates a zero-trust connection to your cloud environment. Combined with access credentials and multi-factor authentication, TruGrid shields our hosting services from unwanted monitoring and man in the middle (MITM) attacks.

  • Improved MFA Tools
  • Zero Trust Security
  • Pre-Authenticated Connections
  • Eliminates VPNs
  • Removes RDP Attack Vectors
  • Reduced Latency
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A micro-segmentation platform that restricts communication between client servers to only pre-approved connections. Akamai Guardicore isolates your server within its own dedicated network to protect your data and applications from outside attacks and unauthorized logins.

  • Eliminates Lateral Movement
  • SecOps Team Alerts
  • Reduced VM Attack Surface
  • Flags Activity for Investigation
  • Secondary Layer Breach Detection
  • Granular Segmentation

Summit Secure Workspace Benefits

Compliance & Security Audits

With Summit Secure Workspace, you’ll have the foundation in place to meet the infrastructure security requirements for most compliance and information security audits. When combined with robust operational security controls, our intrusion protection, continuous monitoring, and authentication tools set you on the road to compliance.

Blackhat Detection

We deploy a variety of tools, including AI engine monitoring, active alerts, automated story logging, and virtual honeypots to prevent bad actors from infiltrating your systems. When hacking intrusions are detected, Summit Secure Workspace alerts our cybersecurity experts and responds quickly to stop the threat in its tracks.

Data Privacy Protection

Our continuous cybersecurity monitoring logs activity within your network and quickly identifies abnormal access patterns to respond to potential threats. Summit Secure Workspace ensures that only authorized users can access and interact with your private data by providing you with the controls to manage user permissions, roles, and profiles.

Disaster Mitigation

In the unlikely event of an incident, Summit Secure Workspace provides the ability to instantly rollback any changes made by bad actors to the moment before the attack. Our recovery time is measured in minutes rather than days, saving you the trouble of restoring your systems from backups and preserving valuable productivity time.