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Summit Hosting - Secure Cloud Hosting for Sage: Benefits and Features

Why should you choose Summit Hosting as your trusted Sage hosting provider in the United States and Canada? We’re dedicated to providing worry-free hosted Sage solutions to our customers. Here are some the top benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose our Sage server hosting services.

Work from Wherever, Whenever

Hosted Sage gives you and your employees the ability to work from home if you can’t make it into the office.

Cut IT and Hardware Costs

We take the responsibility of server maintenance and costs of upgrading hardware out of your hands so you can invest that capital into other areas of your business.

24/7 Customer Support

Our tech support team is always available through our ticketing system to help answer questions and resolve issues, even on weekends and holidays.

Enhanced Data Security

We use top tier encryption and security technology and offer a multi-level secure login to keep your data safe.

Endless Flexibility and Customization

At Summit Hosting, we only offer dedicated server hosting so you can add the resources and integrate the applications you need to customize your server.

Windows, iOS and Android Compatible

Summit’s cloud hosting solutions can be accessed from your preferred Mac, Windows, iOS or Android device.

Sage Hosting Pricing

Summit’s hosted Sage pricing is listed as per user per month, and it’s dependent on your location (Sage U.S. vs Sage Canada) and which Sage product you’re interested in hosting.

Our pricing is an all-inclusive package that includes additional benefits such as:

  • A dedicated server custom-built according to your unique business needs.
  • Data centers in the U.S. and Canada for data sovereignty.
  • 24/7/365 support that decreases your on-premise hardware and IT maintenance costs.
  • Nightly data backups that are retained for 15 days.
  • OS patching, updates, and server maintenance are all handled by our team.

Sage Products Hosted by Summit

Summit Hosting has the capabilities to host the entire Sage product catalogue at affordable prices on your own dedicated server. Here’s a list of all the Sage software hosting services we offer day-to-day:

Sage Hosting vs. Sage Online

Sage hosting and Sage Online are completely different services, and the latter is no longer offered by Sage.

Sage cloud hosting refers to when your Sage software is accessible from a remote desktop connected to a protected cloud server; this server is where all of your data and files are securely stored and operated from. Using a custom username and unique password, you can safely login to this remote desktop from any location with your internet-connected device and use Sage like you would on a regular desktop.

In the past, you may have heard about Sage Online. This discontinued service was only offered by Sage and was specifically designed for Sage 100 and Sage 300. In your search for Sage Online, you may have also stumbled across something called “Sage Business Cloud”. This refers to a group of Sage products that are either cloud-based (Sage Intacct and Sage People) or “cloud-connected” (Sage 100 cloud and Sage 300 cloud). Cloud-connected products in the Sage Business Cloud are not fully cloud-based, but they can be connected to many other solutions that are. These products can, however, only be truly cloud-based through private Sage cloud hosting.

If you’re interested in learning more to see if cloud-based Sage hosting is the best choice for your business, contact us at Summit Hosting today.

Summit’s Dedicated Servers for Sage Hosting Enhances Security and Performance

In our 15+ years of hosting Sage products, we’ve determined dedicated servers are the crème de la crème for cloud hosting. Why? Because dedicated servers provide the best overall customer experience from data security to performance.

Dedicated cloud servers offer limitless customization options, better performance and enhanced security. And dedicated server hosting, unlike in a server farm setting, has no shared resources – you won’t have to worry about another business using all of the server’s bandwidth, storage or memory.

In a shared server environment, your crucial business data could be vulnerable to a breach if another company’s data is compromised on the server you share. When your data is hosted in a dedicated setting, you won’t have that storm cloud looming overhead.

Flexible Dedicated Services

Our dedicated servers are designed to grow with you as your business needs change. Running out of storage or memory? Add either as needed. Want to enhance the functionality of your hosted Sage solution? Simply ask our engineers to integrate the supported 3rd-party applications or tools you need. Need VPNs? We can provide them.

Trusted Support with High Standards

We strive to only provide excellent Sage cloud hosting and support services, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed with our We pride ourselves on our excellent Sage cloud hosting and customer support services

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Sage Hosting FAQs

What is the Sage system?

The Sage product system is a computer software. Sage software helps you collect, organize and manage your data in an easy-to-understand format. There are numerous product options within the Sage catalogue that are designed to meet the different needs of businesses.

What is Sage hosting?

Sage hosting, also known as Sage cloud hosting, lets you remotely access your data on a secure server using the internet. With Sage hosting, you’ll never be confined to a local desktop; instead, you’ll always have the freedom to safely use your Sage software from anywhere, at any time – you just need an internet connection.

How does cloud hosted Sage work?

Sage hosting providers install your licensed Sage software version on a secure cloud server. This server is accessed online using a device (usually a PC or Mac) to login to your unique virtual desktop.

Will I need to maintain my relationship and licensing with Sage?

Yes, in order for you to receive updates and upgrade from Sage, you’ll need to maintain your Business Care plan or relationship with your Sage partner.

Is Sage Peachtree?

Yes! Sage 50 was known as Peachtree until they revitalized the accounting software and rebranded as Sage 50.

If I host Sage with Summit, how exactly will I access my data?

You’ll be able to use your version of Sage just like you would on a regular desktop. All you have to do is login to your remote desktop, double click the application to launch your software and start working.