QuickBooks & Sage Hosting for Professional Services

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QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Professional Services

Professional services can span across multiple different industries, from engineers to architects to consultants. They may work in the office, remotely, or travel constantly while on business. But what they all have in common is that they need digital networks and applications so workers can communicate, share data and provide superior services to clients.

Cloud hosting solutions for professional services provide the security and accessibility your business needs while featuring QuickBooks or Sage software added to your workers’ features. Bring your productivity to greater heights with QuickBooks cloud hosting or Sage cloud hosting placed into your IT infrastructure.

Professional Services

Benefits of Sage or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Professional Services

Service Availability

Professional service operations do not always run during the traditional 9-to-5 workday or only during weekdays. Some professionals work late nights and weekends with their clients. In addition, these professionals can be located around the globe in different time zones. So, they require uninterrupted access to the data that they need to make quick decisions. Sage Hosting or QuickBooks hosting for professional services is ready for when your employees need it the most. They can obtain data and software applications at any time, in any location, without experiencing bottlenecks or access issues. Tracking expenses, performing bookkeeping and making payments can be made with ease.

Real-Time Collaboration

All professional services require the latest up-to-date data and communication, so everyone understands the current projects to make the best decisions. Utilizing cloud services allows data to be shared and updated in real-time. You can monitor and track changes to the data as well as hold people accountable for modifications. Communication is simplified when done over the cloud as you can hold meetings, update expense reports and collaborate with other professionals to make sound financial decisions.

Advanced Scalability

With QuickBooks or Sage hosting for professional services, you can scale your business operations up or down based on business processes and available workers. Unlike purchasing new equipment and then downloading the required software on each device, professionals can access all the applications they need over the cloud. This benefit provides additional cost savings to the business.

BYOD Compatibility

Cloud hosting provides greater network access to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) working environments. Your professionals can track their expenses and provide services using Sage or QuickBooks while out of the office and use personal devices to upload and share information directly to your network with cloud hosting. You can provide payroll and monitor transactions on the go while knowing that your data will be secure.

Cloud Hosting Security for Professional Services

Many threats can hamper professional service businesses. Natural disasters, fires, malware attacks, and even internal threats can cause data to be compromised, destroyed, or even ransomed. Cloud hosting offers increased security by taking your data offsite from the rest of your business operations.
With Summit Hosting, you gain dedicated and private servers that are only accessible by you and your employees. Then you gain customized security features and measures based on how you gather, transmit and store your data. Security protocols and features available include:

  • 24/7 Intrusion Monitoring: Cloud host providers are constantly on the clock to watch for anomalies around the clock.
  • Data Encryption: All business information is encoded and only accessible to authorized users with the correct credentials and encryption keys.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Several authentication methods are put into place so that your data can be accessed. This benefit is ideal when using BYOD and remote professional service workers who could be using multiple devices to access network data.
  • Network Segmentation: Network segmentation is unique as it splits the networks into numerous sub-networks. This method helps confuse intruders and makes it more challenging to reach valuable data. In addition, this process also helps to control network traffic flow better.

Cloud hosting security also provides the added benefit of taking your data off-premise. It provides enhanced storage security if something happens to the actual office or building, such as a flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, or even vandalism. Data remains accessible to your business and employees as you experience little to no downtime. Your operations can precede with fewer worries.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Professional Services

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro offers everything that startup and small professional service businesses require to get their business moving. It provides batch invoicing, payroll, purchase orders, shipping management, sales tax management, inventory management, and job costing report options. In addition, you can use multi-currencies, which is ideal for professionals who travel globally on business. QuickBooks Pro allows you to automate more of your tasks so you can spend more time with clients.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier offers all the same features as QuickBooks Pro: Sales order creations, bill of materials creation, inventory center, and industry-specific versions. It allows more of your professionals to access the cloud hosting feature when your small or medium business is experiencing rapid growth.

QuickBooks Enterprise

For larger business operations that need unlimited user access, QuickBooks Enterprise has it all. This product is a combination of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier as it also has advanced reporting features and an accountant toolbox and fixed asset management included.

Sage BusinessWorks

Employees in professional services need software that can handle a wide variety of reports, auditing, and accounting tasks. Sage Business Works provides enhanced report management, international financial management, and complex financial features so your business can service clients no matter the industry.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is designed to help medium and small businesses with their customer relationship management. It features applications for marketing and sales automation as well as sales performance tracking, meeting scheduler, and other features.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Professional Services

Professional service businesses using Summit Hosting can take advantage of the app integration features that also work with QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting solutions. When you are in the professional service field, whether operating a business or as an independent contractor, you need to have secure network capabilities that are available anytime and anywhere. Consider the advantages of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting or Sage Could Hosting for professional services offered by Summit Hosting. Contact us today to learn more.


HubDoc provides more outstanding document management as it allows you to pull documents from other locations and sync them into your QuickBooks application.


TSheet is a time tracking tool that also provides invoicing and payroll features. It can be integrated with QuickBooks as it will update your account records automatically while generating real-time reports.


Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can help you manage contacts and track customer payments while providing project management support.


Neat provides automated receipt capture and data entry features for better expense tracking. It integrates with Sage software to provide a more robust accounting tool.

ProSystem fx Tax Software

ProSystem fx Tax is an ideal software for accountants and accounting firms of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly with Sage and can help to streamline workflows and ensure tax compliance for your clients.

Crystal Reports Software

Crystal Reports works with Sage to create custom reports from a variety of sources. Businesses can use the reports to analyze information and make essential financial decisions.


Veryfi is an automated bookkeeping app. It integrates with Sage to make data entry and receipt entry easier while on the go.