Canadian Cloud Hosting

For 15+ years, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best managed application, QuickBooks and Sage hosting across North America. We also adhere to data sovereignty standards: we only store your server files in a secure Canadian data center.

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Hosting Services

QuickBooks Hosting

Enjoy the freedom to work at any time, from anywhere using our hosted QuickBooks in Canada! QuickBooks cloud hosting lets you quickly and securely access your data from any device for a low monthly cost per user.

Sage Hosting

Our Sage cloud hosting in Canada doesn’t tie your data down to one place like the traditional desktop version. Instead, hosted Sage gives you the ability to safely access your software 24/7 from anywhere, using any internet-connected device.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Many hosting providers only use shared servers, but you won’t find any of those here. We have high quality and performance standards at Summit Hosting, and dedicated environments are the only servers that have consistently met our expectations.

Hosted 3rd-Party Apps

If you’re looking to get more out of your Sage or QuickBooks software, you’re in the right place. We have the ability to host and integrate most 3rd-party applications so you can experience more helpful features.

QuickBooks Software Sales

Need an extra user license or want to upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks? You can now buy both directly through us and we’ll handle the installation for you – all you have to do is ask one of our specialists.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Experience total peace of mind knowing your important QuickBooks or Sage data is protected with an extra layer of security. This additional step at sign-on sends a verification code your phone to make sure it’s really you logging in.

Data Sovereignty

We only keep our Canadian hosting customers’ data in a secure Canadian data center for data sovereignty reasons. Because of this, your data will not be subject to the laws outside of Canada.

Server Backups

Our engineers make nightly backups of your dedicated server every day during the year. Each backup is encrypted to ensure maximum security and each copy is retained for 15 days in our secure Canadian data center.

Canadian Cloud Hosting FAQs

My business is in Canada – will my software be hosted on Canadian servers?

Absolutely! Your dedicated server and data are kept in our secure data center in Toronto.

Do I need to keep my license with Sage?

Yes. Your license will be installed on your server and you’ll need to maintain your relationship with Sage to receive updates and upgrades.

Is cloud-hosted QuickBooks better than QuickBooks Online?

We think so. Hosted QuickBooks supports all versions of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc.) whereas QuickBooks Online does not – only QuickBooks Online’s more limited features are available. Check out this blog for more information about both services.

So… How exactly do I access my data in the cloud?

You’ll access your data via a remote desktop. After logging in with your unique credentials, you’ll be able to use your software just like you normally would from a traditional desktop at the office.

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