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Summit QuickBooks Hosting: Benefits for Businesses & Accountants

Why choose Summit Hosting as your hosted QuickBooks provider in the United States or Canada? Here are a few of the benefits of choosing our QuickBooks server hosting solutions:

Reduce Expenses

Lower your IT costs by replacing on-premise tools with state-of-the-art cloud hosting. Expert technical support also decreases IT support costs.

Work from Anywhere

Don’t be tied to a desktop. QuickBooks cloud hosting lets you log in and access your data remotely.

Better Performance

Summit Hosting’s dedicated servers mean you never share space or resources with another company and always experience the fastest speed.

Support When You Need It

Never wait on hold. We’re ready to help 24/7 via direct chat with our U.S.-based specialists (psst.. they’re humans, not bots).

Low Costs, No Surprises

Summit’s QuickBooks cloud hosting has one low monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Simpler, Easier Upgrades

Buy additional user licenses or upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks easily through Summit Hosting.

QuickBooks Hosting Pricing

Summit’s prices start at just $55 per month, depending on your location and the pricing model you select. We offer two QuickBooks cloud hosting pricing models: QuickBooks Hosting pricing & QuickBooks Hosting and Software pricing. In both models, you’ll pay one low monthly fee, with no hidden costs or expenses that will raise your budget. You’ll also reduce in-house expenses such as hardware & IT costs.


*Price per user

Hosting and Software Lease

*Price per user

QuickBooks Pro$55$60$71$75
QuickBooks Pro + Payroll$55$60N/AN/A
QuickBooks Premier$55$60$74$87
QuickBooks Premier + Payroll$55$60N/AN/A
QuickBooks Accountant$55$60$76N/A
QuickBooks Enterprise$55$60N/AN/A
QuickBooks Enterprise + Payroll$55$60N/AIntuit Canada
QuickBooks Enterprise + Advanced Inventory$55$60N/AN/A
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Hosted QuickBooks Pricing: Monthly Fees and Inclusions

Summit’s QuickBooks hosting pricing is all-inclusive, with additional security and performance features that lower-cost options don’t offer. When you use our QuickBooks hosting service, you’ll receive:

  • QuickBooks cloud hosting services on a dedicated server that’s customized to your applications and business needs.
  • 24/7 Summit Hosting support that reduces your in-house IT and hardware costs while ensuring your team never has to wait for help.
  • Nightly cloud server backups to protect your data and your company.
  • Microsoft updates, server maintenance and virus protection so your QuickBooks products are always safe and running at peak performance.

To make your job even easier, you can also purchase QuickBooks product and user licenses directly from Summit Hosting. If you bundle your hosting and software lease, you’ll receive all the benefits above, with the same low QuickBooks hosting pricing. The only additional cost you’ll pay is the price of your software license and users. Your costs will be bundled together, simplifying your business’s vendor management and monthly payment obligations.

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Why Host QuickBooks with Summit?

Why should you use Summit Hosting as your hosted QuickBooks provider in the United States or Canada? We could go on about why we’re the best, but we’ll save you some time.

Industry-Leading Experience

In our 10+ years of hosting QuickBooks for our customers, there’s no challenge we haven’t seen… and solved.

No Sharing

We only provide dedicated servers, meaning you’ll never share space on your server with another company and always experience the fastest speed.

Low Costs, No Surprises

Our QuickBookss Hosting customers always pay one fixed, low monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Upgrade Here

Buy additional user licenses and upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks easily through Summit Hosting.

Around the Clock Support

Ever have an issue? Never wait on hold. We’re ready to help 24/7 via direct chat with our U.S.-based specialists. (Psst.. they’re humans, not bots.)

We’re Compatible

Apple, Windows, smartphone? Our service works perfectly no matter what platform you use.

QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Online

Although they sound similar, QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks Online are different services.

QuickBooks hosting lets you access your QuickBooks software from a cloud server, where all your data and files are safely stored and operated. With a unique username and password, you can log in to your remote desktop from anywhere, access your data, and use the software just like you would from a local desktop.

QuickBooks Online, on the other hand, is a cloud-based product created and managed solely by Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks. This software is accessed by logging in using a web browser and only supports QuickBooks Online, meaning QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise are not compatible. This cloud-based version also offers a different user experience and features than what you may be used to in the desktop version.

See a brief overview of the main differences in hosting QuickBooks via Summit below:

If you want the features of a QuickBooks Desktop product with the benefits of a dedicated server at an affordable price, QuickBooks cloud hosting is the way to go.

Summit can help you get the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop with hosting services. That includes providing QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, QuickBooks Pro hosting, and more – all on dedicated servers that secure your data and improve performance.

Hosted With Summit

*Price per user

QuickBooks Online

*Price per user

PriceStarting at $55/moStarting at $20/mo
Automatic encrypted data backupscheckcheck
Remote accesscheckcheck
Free Trialcheckcheck
Multi-device accesscheckcheck
Upgrades and updatescheckcheck
Cloud-based applicationscheckcheck
Remote desktop or web browser accessRemote desktopWeb browser
QB versions supportedAll Desktop editionsQuickBooks Online only
Software installationcheckclose
24/7 customer supportcheckclose
Same interface as QuickBooks Desktopcheckclose
Dedicated serverscheckclose
Industry-specific versionscheckclose
Multiple inventory trackingcheckclose
Batch invoicingcheckclose
Calculate and rebuild job costscheckclose
Number of usersUnlimitedUp to ~30
Request a QuoteRequest a Quote

Compare QuickBooks Products

Have you outgrown your current QuickBooks product? Can you benefit from new features rolled out in QuickBooks 2020? Do you need more power and more flexibility to manage your business quickly and efficiently?

Compare QuickBooks Desktop versions to find the upgrade that best fits your company’s needs. Summit’s QuickBooks hosting service can make QuickBooks Desktop products available online for easier access, better performance, and greater security.

Upgrades and additional QuickBooks product licenses are available directly through Summit Hosting, allowing your cloud hosting needs to match your company’s development every step of the way. Use the chart below to compare QuickBooks products and see how they line up with your company’s needs.

QuickBooks Pro
QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Enterprise
QuickBooks Accountant
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
Batch invoicingcheckcheckcheckcheck
Manage sales taxcheckcheckcheckcheck
Manage inventorycheckcheckcheckcheck
Shipping managercheckcheckcheckcheck
Purchase orderscheckcheckcheckcheck
Job costing and reportscheckcheckcheckcheck
Industry-specific versionscheckcheckcheck
Create sales orderscheckcheckcheck
Inventory centercheckcheckcheck
Create bill of materialscheckcheckcheck
Accountant toolboxcheckcheck
Manage fixed assetscheckcheck
Advanced reportingcheckcheck
Batch void / delete transactionscheck
Client file dashboardscheck
Toggle to other editions / versionscheck
Detailed reports100+100+150+150+
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QuickBooks Products Hosted by Summit

Summit Hosting can provide QuickBooks hosting of your organization’s preferred software version. We’ve got you covered from QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Accountant.

We can also integrate virtually any related accounting applications you need to help your business. Some of our most popular QuickBooks applications include:

Dedicated QuickBooks Hosting Improves Performance & Security

Using dedicated servers for QuickBooks hosting ensures the best security, highest level of customization, and the greatest overall system performance.

Unlike shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting doesn’t make your company share resources like bandwidth, storage, and memory with other companies. Instead, you can build out your environment with the resources, applications, and software you need to do your job efficiently. Summit’s tech team will make it easy to customize your cloud environment, doing all the heavy lifting and technical work for you.

Dedicated servers also improve security. With a shared server, your data is only as secure as the companies you’re sharing your server with. If they’re compromised, your data is at risk. With Summit Hosting’s dedicated servers, you’re in control.

Dedicated Services Support Growth and Flexibility

Dedicated servers grow with your needs. As your business changes, you can:

  • Upgrade your QuickBooks software and buy extra QuickBooks user licenses
  • Scale up (or back) your resources
  • Integrate additional cloud-compatible apps or tools
  • Add another security step at login with 2-Factor Authentication

These adjustments are easy for our engineers to make – all you have to do is reach out, let them know how they can help your business and they’ll handle the rest.

Expert Support and Standards

At Summit Hosting, we maintain high standards for our QuickBooks cloud hosting. Our support and implementation teams are trained and ready to help you understand the benefits for your business when a new version like QuickBooks 2020 is released. We use industry-leading technologies and frequently test new tech to ensure we’re providing the best services to our community of QuickBooks hosting users.

Through our studies, like comparing shared servers vs dedicated servers, we’ve found that dedicated servers are the only environments to consistently meet our expectations for cloud hosting quality and performance.

Ready to join our trusted community of 20,000+ users hosting QuickBooks on a server? Contact a hosting specialist today.

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting FAQs

What is QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks hosting, also known as QuickBooks cloud hosting or hosted QuickBooks, is when licensed copies of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop products are installed on cloud servers. These servers are accessible by users via a remote desktop. QuickBooks cloud hosting providers allow authorized PC and Mac users to safely access their accounting software from anywhere with an internet connection.

Can I host QuickBooks in the cloud?

Yes. While QuickBooks Desktop products were originally installed on a local machine, third-party QuickBooks hosting companies like Summit Hosting allow you to install QuickBooks on a cloud server that you can access from anywhere with internet, at any time.

Can multiple users use QuickBooks at the same time?

Yes. You may need to purchase additional users for your QuickBooks product, but once you have the number of users you need you can use the multi-user mode in QuickBooks. The multi-user mode allows multiple people to use your QuickBooks application at the same time through your server network. If you are not using QuickBooks cloud hosting, you may also need to install QuickBooks Desktop on multiple local machines.

How do I move QuickBooks to the cloud?

To move QuickBooks to the cloud, you need to choose a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider and work with their migration process. At Summit Hosting, our process is designed to reduce work and stress for your team. To move QuickBooks to the cloud, you work with our technical team to determine the best way to set up your server and identify the files you need to transfer. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, setting up your server and migrating your files in less than 48 hours.

How much does it cost to host QuickBooks?

It typically costs between $30 and $75 per month to host QuickBooks. Lower cost QuickBooks hosting services typically use shared servers, while higher prices come with additional features, such as 2-Factor Authentication. At Summit Hosting, our QuickBooks cloud hosting service starts at just $55 per month, including dedicated servers and additional security options.

Will hosted QuickBooks work like my QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes, it will! QuickBooks in the cloud works exactly like the traditional QuickBooks Desktop version, so you don’t have to worry about learning a new software or developing a new workflow. Summit’s QuickBooks hosting service works on Macs, PCs and any other device you may use. As long as you’re online, you can access your data. If you’re using an IOS device, all you need to do is download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application from the Apple App Store.