SAP Hosting with Summit - True Cloud

SAP Business One version 10 feature pack 2111 and the latest web client is the ultimate software for the cloud with its flexibility, power, and value. Many software companies claim that the SAP hosting application must be browser-based to be “true cloud,” and with this latest release, the SAP Business One Web Client is now "true cloud" with the benefits of choice. What is a true cloud? The reality is nobody is ever 100% in the cloud as they access the cloud from the ground in their office, manufacturing facility, home, or from anywhere on the road! Browser-based does make the connection to the cloud “lighter” or easier to manage and should definitely be a part of your SAP hosting strategy!Cloud pundits and analysts often proclaim that clouds must be multi-tenant to achieve the economies of scale to get silicon valley and their venture capitalists maximum return. However, companies that use the cloud want an application that works for them that is secure at a reasonable price. With Summit SAP Business One Cloud, you can have both. With the new HANA 2.0 database technology, SAP Hosting provides the platform for multi-tenant access. Still, with Summit Hosting, you can also have all of the SAP functionality in a dedicated private cloud! The SAP Business One Cloud can be powered by either Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA database technology, and Summit provides you and your SAP hosting partner the flexibility of choice. Having Dedicated Servers gives you, the customer, numerous advantages, including:
  • Ability to add additional applications, integrations, or other custom components
  • Version and upgrade flexibility. As long as your software remains compatible with security standards and is supported, you can upgrade on your schedule.
  • Ultimate performance as your servers are dedicated to you and can be "tweaked" based upon your unique needs.
Summit Hosting provides an “Always on, Always Secure” environment and specializes in dedicated server hosting. In a dedicated cloud environment, your business is the only one using the resources on the server. Because of this, you’ll experience the best overall performance. For larger companies with regulatory requirements or highly customized environments, dedicated servers are the best option. Architected and built specifically for SAP Hosting, this Super Micro-powered infrastructure will outperform generic environments and be 100% compatible with the Summit Secure Workspace. At Summit, we strive to provide the ultimate customer and partner experience.
  • Our North American based support team provides 24/7/365 service with a 20-minute response Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Partners benefit from a secure workspace to access their client systems with storage for their software repository, patches, and other tools.
  • If you have SAP Business One licensed on subscription, we can match our contract to your subscription anniversary.
  • Our senior engineering team manages security and regular deployment of patches to keep your environment secure.
To learn more about how you can take advantage of SAP Business One on Summit Hosting, contact Gary Feldman or book time on his Calendar.

Gary Feldman