SAP Business One Hosting

SAP Business One Hosting

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SAP Business One Hosting Benefits and Features

When you choose Summit Hosting as your SAP Business One cloud hosting provider, you’ll experience secure work-from-anywhere access, top server performance, peace-of-mind data security, and other perks of using our cloud services like:

Fully Customized Servers

Our engineers build your dedicated SAP Business One servers with the specific resources and integrated applications needed for Business One. Additional resources or a server to run third-party applications are provisioned to your unique requirements.

Upgrade on Your Schedule

Because we specialize in dedicated cloud hosting, you upgrade SAP Business One when you are ready. We can take a server snapshot image or provide a new environment to new specifications based on your SAP requirements and preference.

Strong and Flexible Solutions

Our world-class cloud facilities use the latest technology optimized for SAP Business One to ensure superior performance. Solid-state drives and flash storage provide fast access to your business information and can be expanded on demand through our online ticketing system.

Serious Data Protection

We use 256-bit encryption, EV SSL certificates, and secure data centers in Canada and the US for data sovereignty; our servers are also PCI compliant and SSAE 18 certified.

Experience with Integrations and Extensions

Our cloud engineers have worked with most every type of SAP Business One add-on for eCommerce, warehouse scanners, shipping integrations, as well as industry-specific extensions and customization tools.

Less Stress

Say goodbye to your IT maintenance headaches! We handle all OS patching and updates, as well as server maintenance and hardware upgrades.

Real-People Support

When you contact our 24/7/365 U.S.-based server support team, you’ll be speaking with real humans, always.

Backups for Data Recovery

We make backups of your data nightly, and retain them for 15 days.

Remote SAP Access

Having your day-to-day operations insights available wherever, whenever is key. Hosting SAP Business One lets you safely access your information as you need it, whether it’s in the office, from the warehouse floor, or on the road anywhere in the world.

How Dedicated Servers Improve SAP Business One Hosting

With Summit Hosting’s dedicated server hosting, you have a cloud platform that matches the flexibility of your ERP solution.  Whether you need a dedicated environment or the convenience of automated upgrades in a multi-tenant environment, we have the infrastructure for you.

Extensive customization capabilities, top-tier security, exceptional functionality and around-the-clock customer support are just a few of our strengths for SAP cloud hosting in the US and Canada. We can also provide assistance to your SAP partner throughout the cloud data migration, integration, and implementation process.

Interested in learning more about how our hosting solutions can help you maximize your operational efficiency, enhance productivity and increase profitability across every aspect of your enterprise? Contact a hosting expert today.

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SAP Business One Overview

Many businesses use SAP Business One to increase profitability and performance. Based on a Microsoft SQL server or SAP HANA technology, SAP Business One is the adaptable business management platform for digital transformation. Dedicated servers for SAP Business One hosting take this enterprise management software to an even higher level, giving you more ways to maximize SAP Business One.

With our unique hosting solutions, you’ll experience:

  • Consistent top-shelf data security
  • Enhanced performance
  • Secure remote access for an unlimited number of users

Thanks to our dedicated cloud hosting for SAP Business One, you have the ability to install the cloud-supported 3rd-party SAP applications you need to fully customize your cloud and make your hosted SAP Business One software even more powerful.

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SAP Business One Hosting FAQs

Is it better to host SAP Business One in-house or in the cloud?

Cloud hosting provides the flexibility and freedom of not having to maintain an expensive in-house IT system. Purchasing SAP BusinessOne outright requires you to spend more money upfront as well as bear the continuing expenses of maintaining a Microsoft SQL server. This is even more true of the SAP HANA in-memory compute platform which runs on Linux.

What’s the benefit of hosting SAP Business One on a dedicated server?

A dedicated server lets us tailor each customer’s experience to their specific business needs. Also, a dedicated server provides better security and increased reliability for your company.

How compatible is your ERP hosting? What specific devices can I use to access my SAP Business One?

You can access your software and files anytime, anywhere from any internet-connect PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

What is the SAP Business One ERP system?

SAP Business One software is a total enterprise business management solution that provides businesses with full 365-degree view of your company with open APIs for integration that help run your business.

What is the SAP Business One System used for?

SAP Business One is meant to make your day-to-day easier by simplifying and organizing numerous tasks across a variety of industries.

What makes Summit Hosting different from AWS or Rackspace?

Summit Hosting has been providing hosting for over 15 years and specializes in the unique requirements for business management, accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small to mid-size (SMB) companies. Our cloud was designed specifically for hosting SMB ERP with equipment, supporting applications and business processes designed for our target market. This specialization allows us to not only understand but anticipate client needs and provide a premier service experience.

Does Summit Hosting support third party applications?

Summit supports a wide variety of third party applications and often can replace your in-house servers and desktops with a full outsourced solution. For our ERP products, Summit Hosting supports all certified third party applications as well as client specific enhancements.

What is the difference between dedicated and multi-tenant clouds?

A private cloud is a collection of one or more virtual servers dedicated to a single customer. Private clouds are the most customizable, allowing a company to utilize the infrastructure to meet their specific requirements. A multi-tenant cloud offers a standard solution offered to a group of customers.

Summit Hosting only provides a private cloud for SAP Business One.