5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Workspace

As you move toward a work from anywhere environment, it’s paramount for your employees to have access to the tools, applications and data they need to effectively do their jobs. With that, it’s equally (if not more) critical to ensure the proper security measures are in place so your employees are able to use these resources from anywhere without putting your business at risk.

Luckily, there are solutions available –cloud hosting and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure—that can help your business transition to a remote-first model while helping protect your data.

Cloud hosting is a great option for employees who need to work with robust business software or managed applications, like QuickBooks or Sage, from anywhere.

VDI, on the other hand, is a perfect cloud-based solution for employees who may not necessarily require all of the bells and whistles of a dedicated cloud hosting environment, but do need a secure way to access their everyday tools and SaaS applications while they’re working outside of the office.

What Are Virtual Workspaces, and How Does VDI Work?

As the name suggests, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is a virtual cloud-based desktop that can be installed on and launched from any home office computer or laptop. Summit Secure Workspace, a VDI solution, offers an easy-to-use, collaborative workspace that enables employees – from accountants to remote university teams – to use the tools they need from any location and device while also safeguarding critical business resources and information.

SSW is available in three different tier levels to meet the needs various users from those who only need RDP (remote desktop protocol) access and a protected web browser to those who also need to utilize applications in the Microsoft Office Suite.

Why Should Your Business Offer a Virtual Workspace?

There are many ways VDI can enhance your business. However, here are the five top reasons why your SMB needs a virtual workspace today:

1. You Need to be Prepared for Disruptions in Business Processes.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be ready-to-face disruptions in our normal processes and be quick when it comes to adapting to change. Otherwise, we risk doors permanently closing as operations come to a halt while we try to put a new plan into place. From natural disasters to physical threats, secure cloud workspaces allow your business to keep operating, even under unexpected circumstances, and empower your employees to safely keep working.

2. You Need Flexibility for Future Growth.

One of the best perks of the cloud is its extensive customization and flexibility. Cloud hosting providers, like Summit Hosting, provide business solutions that are able to change with you as your business grows. For example, an unlimited number of users can be added to, or removed from, your Summit Secure Workspace or your dedicated cloud hosting server.

3. Data Security is Critical.

As technology becomes more advanced, so do hackers. Security threats are at an all-time high, and unfortunately, research studies have concluded that this challenge is only going to keep growing as hackers, phishing attempts and ransomware tactics become more sophisticated. In fact, according to a study by Infrascale, 46% of the SMBs surveyed had been victims of ransomware attacks – pretty alarming, right? Cloud hosting and remote workspaces, like SSW, help protect company data from breaches and malicious access attempts through the use of encryption technology, enterprise-level data protection tools and additional layers of security, such as 2-factor authentication.

4. Remote Work is Here to Stay.

Currently, more employees are working remotely now than ever before. As we continue to cozy up to the niceties that accompany working from home and observe increases in productivity and growth, thousands of businesses have begun re-evaluating the need for a physical office space in the future. While SMBs move away from traditional working environments, it’s important for employees to access the applications and files they need without increasing the risk of security breaches. A VDI solution is able to resolve this issue by offering an all-inclusive solution that provides extra layers of security to protect business data while enabling remote access.

5. The Cloud Cuts Costs.

The cloud doesn’t only offer security or the freedom to move and grow, it also helps cut down your IT budget (not to mention your energy bill) so you can reinvest that capital in other areas of your business. When you use the cloud, you don’t have to invest in an on-premise server, spend money on hardware or worry about hiring a full-blown IT team to make sure all of those lights in your cabinet keep blinking.

Transitioning to the Cloud is Necessary

To be honest, transitioning to the cloud is not only necessary – it’s inevitable in order for businesses to continue to adapt and thrive under normal circumstances and through periods of uncertainty.

At Summit Hosting, we understand how important it is to work-from-anywhere. After all, we’ve been providing cloud solutions for over 15 years and since our founding, we have always operated using a remote-first business model. If you’re ready to find the best VDI solution for your company, we’d love to fill you in on all of the benefits Summit Secure Workspace has to offer. Contact a virtual workspace specialist here or call 888-244-6559 to begin planning your cloud migration today.

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