Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multi-Factor Authentication Overview

At Summit Hosting, we take data security seriously. In addition to implementing rock-solid data encryption technology, using ultra-safe data centers, and monitoring security 24/7, we offer multi-factor authentication through TruGrid as an optional add-on to Summit Secure Workspace for standard users to give you peace of mind knowing your crucial business data is safe. After all, an extra layer of data security at login never hurts, right? 

When data breaches, hacks, and other types of cybercrime are on the rise, you don’t want to risk leaving your data vulnerable. Protect unauthorized access and keep your server safe with multi-factor authentication! This additional layer of security informs you when there is an attempt to log into your dedicated server, and you can either approve or deny access right from your phone; just like our dedicated cloud hosting at Summit Hosting, multi-factor authentication can be used remotely. Even better? Our MFA solution is available to all users as an add-on to Summit Secure Workspace.

Ready to get started? Add MFA to your hosted QuickBooks, Sage, or SAP account today.

How to Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Our Multi-factor authentication through TruGrid is easy and simple to use. Simply log in to your Summit Hosting server and you will automatically receive a verification text on your mobile device. You can grant or deny login access with the click of a button!

Step 1: Use your credentials to log in to your dedicated remote desktop.

Step 2: Before you gain access, you’ll receive an automatic verification notification on your mobile phone. With this, you’ll be able to allow or deny access to your server.

Step 3: Access your data and get to work.

Pretty easy, right?

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Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs

In addition to offering MFA as an add-on, what does Summit Hosting do to make sure my information is safe?

Our servers are SSAE 18 certified and PCI compliant, use the best encryption technology available – EV SSL Certificates – and keep our server hardware in data centers in the US and Canada that are monitored 24/7. We also backup each server nightly and retain these copies for 15 days.

Why do I need multi-factor authentication?

With cyber attacks increasing globally, you want to ensure that you are proactive in securing your data; the ability to grant or deny a login will ensure you have control over who is able to access your dedicated server so you can prevent attempts at unauthorized access.

Will MFA work for any other applications outside of my dedicated server?

No, our MFA is configured only to allow or deny login access to your Summit Hosting server. Some MFA apps on your smartphone, such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator, are compatible with our MFA method through TruGrid and will allow you to store multiple MFA connections in one app. Still, each connection is only set up for 1 particular set of credentials.