Sage and Summit Hosting: Build + Connect + Deliver

Summit Hosting was a proud sponsor of the Sage Partner Summit June 7-10, 2022 in Dallas, Texas, USA.   The conference had a laser focus on helping customers transform via the cloud and digital technology.

As a leading Business Management Software company, all of Sage’s efforts are focused on customer satisfaction through its products and valued partner services.  Based on the same thought, this year’s Summit is aimed at three main pillars: Build – Connect – Deliver.


Sage and Summit Hosting: Build + Connect + Deliver Build is all about creating value for the customer. This extends to Sage partners who are encouraged to expand their business, build intellectual property to increase customer value, or leverage the opportunities with Sage to Build on our success together. For Summit this translates to our investment in SHOP, our new customer self-service platform designed to make Sage Cloud better faster and easier to use!


Connect was about utilizing the event to build new connections with Sage executives, peers and partners to draw insights.  Sage also used the event to highlight the new branding and how it is intended to connect with the Sage and partner teams in the new business flow. “We build every experience with human insight and ingenuity; giving people building a business the confidence to flow.” That business flow was explained through the lens of business transformation using the cloud, big data and artificial intelligence. Connection was a major theme in both the Sage rebranding effort (see below) and the product.  Integration partners such as BPA Platform from Fisher Technology or Certipro  for process automation and connecting Sage software with e-commerce websites and trading partners were connecting with partners at the event.  These concepts were brought home by CTO Aaron Harris who gave concrete examples of how business flow is enhanced with tools such as cloud AP and AR automation from fellow show sponsors like Repay


Deliver was defined by Sage as:  “Enable our joint customers to future-proof their businesses and leverage learnings from the Build and Connect sessions to create a plan to Deliver results in FY22.” Along with the delivery team, Sage customers still have a choice of how to deploy the Sage Business Management Solutions (Sage 50, Sage100, Sage300, Sage500, and Sage X3) from traditional on-premises, through to customer-hosted cloud or a Sage Cloud provider like Summit! This allows customers to deploy Sage software in the most suitable way for them.

New Sage Branding

The new Sage brand goes hand in hand with a renewed focus on customers.
  • Simple - continually working to make it easier to do business with Sage.
  • Change – enhancing the Sage network to enable customers to manage money, work and people, connecting customers with suppliers, banks, and governments while maintaining the human touch customers know and love from Sage.
  • Doing business the right way.
These core values resonate at Summit Hosting:
  • Simple – Building and enhancing customer tools for automated provisioning and support.
  • Change - Constantly adapting to the new technology and securing the cloud against ever-increasing cyber threats.
  • Doing business the right way just speaks for itself!
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