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Cloud-Based Hosting Solutions for Tax Software

Leave your office behind and take your tax software with you, thanks to cloud-based tax software solutions from Summit Hosting. Summit Hosting provides hosting services that secure the best tax software on dedicated servers. Unlike other software companies, these dedicated servers enjoy nightly backups, 24/7 technical support, and multi-factor authentication to keep tax returns safe! 

From Intuit to TaxAct, Summit Hosting provides a cloud-based home for the best software programs. Tax filing has never been easier, more secure, or streamlined than when hosted with Summit Hosting. Request a demo today and see how Summit Hosting can take your software programs to a new level.

Seamless Integrations

CPAs need access to powerful tax software with integrations that help workflows. Hosting your tax software with Summit Hosting means you can use all the software integrations and add-ons you need to be successful. Intuit products like TurboTax or competitors like Drake Tax or TaxSlayer Pro take full advantage of add-on functionality. These integrations are a stable, user-friendly, and powerful way to take your firm with you!

Effortless Scalability

Self-employed, small business, or enterprise — whatever your next goal is, take your preferred tax software with you. Just don’t forget the value hosting provides as you scale your organization. Not everyone is a tax law expert, but even the most complex returns are made simple with solid tax preparation software automation. And several professional tax software options include diagnostics support to catch errors before you e-file, keeping the IRS off your back!

Unrivaled Security

Cloud-based tax software shouldn’t be a security nightmare. Hosting your tax software with Summit Hosting means you can access unrivaled technical support. Both technical and customer support is available 24/7, and trouble tickets get real-time attention, with the average issue resolved in less than 10 minutes. Summit Hosting also has SSAE 18 certified servers, top-tier encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, and VPNs.

Uninterrupted Communication

Communication between professional tax preparers and accounting software, like Quickbooks, should be seamless. The best tax software, like TaxAct, H&R Block, and Intuit’s ProSeries, has integration support to allow your accounting information to automatically communicate with your tax software — eliminating unnecessary data entry. Software options even include solutions for e-signatures, customer notifications, and document storage to aid in future tax planning.

Straightforward Interface

The income tax preparation process is complicated enough. Whatever your tax practice needs to serve your clients, there’s tax software that supports a straightforward interface to make even complex returns easy. Professional tax software makes income tax, federal tax, and state tax e-filing easy to navigate with custom fields. You can view by tax year, prior year filers, state returns, and more.

Discover Why Tax Professionals Trust Summit Hosting

Whether it’s TaxAct, Turbotax, or one of the other valuable tax software available, you need a cloud-based hosting site to take those powerful features with you. Every tax pro imagines working from home when the weather is terrible, and with Summit Hosting, your tax software can go wherever you go without the hassle. 

Tax professionals rave about Summit Hosting for the excellent connection, with a 99% track record for uptime. Plus, tax pros rely on the security available only with dedicated server space, which prevents taxpayer info from ending up in the wrong hands. Trust your software package to the only true professionals at Summit Hosting to keep your business returns secure.

Unlock Vital Cloud-Based Tax Software with Summit Hosting

It’s always tax season for some, and tax prep has never been easier with professional tax software hosted with Summit Hosting. Enjoy taking your tax software with you wherever you’re needed, and never stress about leaving something behind at the tax office! With Summit Hosting, your information is secure, easy to scale, and supports integrations that ramp up capability!

Summit Hosting is the only way to ensure tax forms stay with the professionals and do not mindlessly float on the internet. Try Summit Hosting and see for yourself how your tax software can get the support it needs to make filing a breeze! Request a quote today to discover a pricing structure with no hidden fees that work with your budget. 

Summit Hosting — Always On. Always Secure. See what makes the best hosting platform around. 

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