Sage Enterprise Management Hosting Overview

If you need an enterprise-level ERP package for your large business and you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of the cloud, hosted Sage Enterprise Management / Sage X3 is a perfect solution for you. Heavily customizable and extensible, cloud hosted Sage Enterprise Management can bring all of your operations from supply chain to sales together in one system for greater visibility, efficiency and insight. 

With the powerful technology behind X3 comes the need for a more robust network environment than any of the other Sage products. Configuring the ideal server environment is key to a successful Enterprise Management implementation, which is where Summit Hosting’s dedicated server hosting comes into play. We only offer customized dedicated servers, which gives you the opportunity to integrate virtually any 3rd-party application and add the resources you need to create the perfect server environment for your company’s software. 

In addition to the more complex environment required for Sage Enterprise Management / X3, larger businesses who require X3 also tend to have multiple locations and employees who need to work remotely, so cloud hosting with us is an ideal deployment for Sage X3.

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Sage Enterprise Hosting Benefits and Features

Sage Enterprise Management is one of the most involved products in the Sage catalog with numerous features and in-depth functions to help you run your company. When you host Sage with Summit Hosting, you’ll use your software as you normally would (via a remote desktop) and you’ll enjoy the following benefits of our cloud-hosted Sage community: 

  • Full SQL, application, and development servers provided by Summit
  • Daily backups created and retained for 15 days
  • 24/7 connectivity support
  • 99.9999% uptime
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Access Sage X3 securely from anywhere
  • No shared environments means no shared resources
  • Hosting of any 3rd party add-ons you may need
  • Add an additional layer of security with 2-Factor Authentication
  • Learning video tutorials
  • Ultra secure data centers in the US and Canada for data sovereignty
  • Option to participate in our customer referral program

Why Choose Summit For Sage Enterprise Management Hosting?

Your company’s data is important, and you shouldn’t trust your X3 hosting to just anyone. Summit Hosting’s extensive experience with hosting X3 means we won’t be learning as we go – our network engineers are expertly trained in all of the products we host. We understand the optimal environment for X3 and can take care of your network infrastructure so you can focus on what’s important: making the software work for your business in your unique dedicated environment.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of deploying your Sage software in the cloud? Call a hosting specialist at 888-244-6559.


Becoming one of the top Sage cloud hosting providers in the US and Canada didn’t just happen for us at Summit Hosting overnight – we’ve been dedicated to perfecting our hosting services and solutions for over 10 years.   Our pricing for Sage EM hosting is per user / per month, and is customized based on your needs.

Let us help you achieve your company’s goals as you work toward scaling your summit. Contact us today to add memory, more users, Sage-related third-party applications or more.

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Sage Enterprise Management (X3) Hosting FAQs

Sage refers to X3 as part of the “Sage Business Cloud”. Isn’t it already a cloud-based product?

No. Sage X3 has three deployment options: on-premises (installed on your local server), through AWS public cloud managed by Sage, or through a third party private cloud hosting company like Summit Hosting.

We have some add-on products and customizations. Will there be any problems hosting these?

No. Because we offer private cloud hosting, there aren’t the same limitation as what you find with public cloud. We can (and already do) host most popular 3rd party add-on products for Sage X3.

Our local IT company is offering to host X3 for us. What do they need to know?

Where to begin? Sage Enterprise Management (X3) hosting is far more complex and intensive than any other Sage ERP product. We recommend sticking with the experts, or you may find yourself frustrated and delayed on your project.

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