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Access customer information in the cloud anytime anywere.

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Register for Sage CRM hosting with Summit Hosting by 12/31/2017, and we’ll give you your first 90 days of private cloud hosting for free.

At Summit Hosting,  Our Sage-certified engineers understand the nuances of Sage CRM server configurations, so you can be confident that your Sage CRM system will be set up with optimal specifications and supported by professionals who have experience with your ERP environment.

Each Summit Hosting customer has their own dedicated server for the application, development and SQL server. Your Sage CRM software and any 3rd party applications will be fully functional in the hosted environment and accessible from anywhere, on any device.

*Does not apply to startup fees or deposits. Minimum 5 Sage CRM user licenses, 1 year contract required.

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We make it easy for you to get a full view of your business and customers by integrating with other Sage products.


View your customer, vendor, and business information all in one location integrated with Sage 100 or Sage 300.

Best in the Biz

With 10 years of industry experience, we put our knowledge to work for you. Our time working with hundreds of businesses has primed us to help get you where you want to be.

We Don’t Believe in Down Time

On average, it takes us less than 48 hours to get our customers up and running. You don’t believe in downtime, and neither do we.

Fair, Competitive Pricing

You know what you’re going to be paying every month with no hidden fees or surprises. Trust us, we keep it fair.

The makers of Sage trust us to host their product.

So can you.

Dedicated Servers

Every business that hosts with us will experience the performance and reliability of their own dedicated server. There are no shared environments at Summit Hosting.


What separates Summit Hosting from the rest?

Room (for You) to grow

We hope your business expands, so our hosting is deigned to expand right along with you. Never worry about outgrowing your solution with Summit Hosting.


We’ve been doing this for a while – 10 years, in fact – and we’re proud of our work. We hope you will be too.

Transparent Costs

We don’t believe in hidden costs, so you won’t be paying them with us. Our solutions are designed to be affordable, so we’re not afraid to show you the costs up front.


We’re Here for You

We believe in quality support, and now you will too. With our 24/7 U.S.-based specialists available to answer your questions, you’ll never be alone.

The Power of Sage, Accessible Anywhere

With our dedicated servers, you’ll have all the power of Sage, no matter which device you’re using. Completely accessible, without compromising performance.


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More than just another customer management tool.

Cost Effective

You won’t have to worry about overpaying with Sage CRM – it starts at just $39 a month.


Sage CRM has been top rated by users on TrustRadius and won the ISM Top 15 award for CRM softwares.

Grow Your Business

Sage CRM helps you grow your business based on personalized assessment reports. If you now what you need to scale up, Sage CRM can help you there too.

See Your Whole Company

Your business doesn’t run off snap shots, so why should your reporting? Experience end-to-end visibility of everything that matters.


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  • I see a lot of hosting providers online. Why should I choose Summit Hosting?

    When it comes to hosting Sage products in the U.S., customers and partners choose us more frequently than any other hosting company. We have more than a decade of experience in hosting Sage under our belts, and there are no shared environments at Summit Hosting. We provide all customers with their own dedicated server.

  • What is the benefit of hosting Sage CRM on a dedicated server?

    This allows us to tailor every customer’s experience to his or her specific needs. A dedicated physical server provides increased reliability and security for your business.

  • Can I integrate Sage CRM with other Sage products that my business is already hosting at Summit Hosting?

    Sage CRM can integrate into any other Sage product and also may be run as a stand-alone product.

  • I can access Sage CRM anywhere through its app. Why should I host?

    Hosting your Sage CRM with us will allow you to integrate with other aspects of your business needs using Sage 100 or Sage 300. You won’t need a new app to access your customer data. You’ll only need a device with internet connection to get a full view of your business and customers.

  • Does it cost more to use Sage CRM with Summit Hosting?

    No! Hosting your Sage CRM software with us will actually save you money – not to mention time and stress. If you host Sage CRM yourself, you’ll need to purchase a pricey SQL server and related licenses. Our low hosting fees erase that overhead, and we’ll spare you the time and expense of making periodic updates and other fixes.

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