Sage 100 Contractor Hosting

High-performance cloud hosting for Sage 100 Contractor

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Sage 100 Contractor Hosting Benefits and Features

Hosting your Sage contractor software in the cloud with Summit helps you improve access to essential tools while gaining IT resources that help you do more every day. As soon as you begin your Sage 100 Contractor hosting plan with Summit, you’ll have unlimited user access via remote desktop logins plus:

Proactive Cybersecurity

With nightly backups, 24/7 data security monitoring and optional add-on layers of security such as 2-Factor Authentication.

Improved IT Support

With automatic nightly backups, extensive dedicated server customization, and 24/7 US-based hosting experts.

Enhanced Remote Access

To the tools you need, including forecasting and budgeting, P.O. management, construction breakdowns, and more.

More Accessible Data Visualization And Reporting

With business insight and performance.

Improved Performance For Accounting Features

Like payroll processing, billing, invoicing, AP and AR.

Powerful Business Management Capabilities

Including overrun projections and general ledger tools.

Sage 100 Cloud Pricing

How Much Does It Cost to Host Sage 100 Contractor?

Hosting in the cloud allows you to work wherever the job takes you, from the office to the job site. But how much can you expect to pay to host Sage 100 Contractor?

Sage 100 Contractor hosting pricing depends on:

  • Number of users
  • Your Sage 100 Contractor version and features
  • The hosting company
  • Server type (shared server vs dedicated server)
  • The amount of disk space you need

All Sage 100 Contractor pricing is the cost per user per month. Unlike other Sage 100 hosting companies, our costs include dedicated servers and a full version of Microsoft Office Standard.

Ready to find out exactly how much you’ll pay? Contact us for a personalized quote that takes into account your disk space needs, users, and Sage 100 Contractor software.

Sage 100 Contractor Hosting Overview

Sage 100 Contractor is one of the best options for online accounting software for contractors. Designed with contractors’ specific needs in mind, Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage Master Builder) helps you easily manage your daily operations. This edition of Sage is perfect for businesses looking for specialized accounting software that can handle tasks associated with the entire construction and homebuilder cycle, like accounting, project management, job costing, estimating and more.

Sage 100 Contractor will help you maximize efficiency through all stages of your contracting business processes, from estimate to completion. Even better? Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting with Summit can take your enterprise resource planning with 100 Contractor to even greater heights.

At Summit Hosting, our services remove IT headaches (including security and virus protection) and overhead hardware costs while enhancing remote connectivity for an affordable per user, per month fee. You also have the option to go beyond Sage 100 hosting and use our hosting with other Sage products like Sage Estimating, or integrate third party applications.

Ready to get started? Get your free quote today!

Sage 100 Contractor: Cloud Hosting on Dedicated Servers

Don’t share space or resources. Improve performance, security and more with a dedicated server.

Shared servers are the norm when it comes to hosting Sage 100 Contractor in the cloud. But shared servers mean your Sage accounting software is splitting the server’s resources with applications from other businesses. That leaves you with less bandwidth, less space, and more security risks.

At Summit Hosting, we never make one client share a server with another. Our Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting uses only dedicated servers. Your server is yours exclusively. Customize it how you want (we’ll help, just tell us what you need) and enjoy all the performance benefits that brings, including:

  • Greater speed and accessibility
  • Improved data security
  • Flexible, scalable resources based on business needs
  • Complete customization in terms of setup, applications, and more

Want more information? See how dedicated servers compare to shared servers.

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Why Choose Summit For Sage 100 Contractor Hosting?

As one of the top Sage cloud hosting providers in both the US and Canada, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands with Summit Hosting. Why? We have over a decade of experience helping companies succeed by hosting the industry’s most productive accounting software for engineers, architects, master builders, contractors, and subcontractors.

We lead the way in cloud computing with proven technologies, methodologies and services. Even more importantly, we’re dedicated to tailoring our products to the specific needs of your company to enhance your growth and success because we know a cookie-cutter solution won’t give you what you need. Let us provide a custom solution that truly helps you move forward with your business. We promise:

To help you improve security

Providing a private server is only one way we help reduce your risk. We also house our servers in ultra-safe US and Canadian data centers with intrusion monitoring, offer data encryption, and provide additional layers of security like 2-factor authentication.

To be rigorous in protecting your data

We automatically create backups of your data nightly and retain these copies for 15 days so you don’t have to worry about losing crucial business information.

To provide expert support

You deserve more than an offshore agent reading from a script. When you call us, you’ll reach a US-based team. We’re also a certified Sage partner that provides extensive training to our technical team – all to ensure you get the support you need.

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Sage 100 Contractor Hosting FAQs

How will I use my Sage 100 Contractor?

We’ll show you how to access your software wherever you are with an easy-to-use Windows remote desktop from any internet-connected Windows, Mac, IOS or Android device.

Why would I want remote access to my Sage 100 Contractor?

Having the option to access your software from anywhere, at any time is incredibly convenient because it never ties you down to one desktop at the office. With our secure cloud hosting, you’ll be able to use your Sage 100 Contractor software on-site, from the office, at home and while traveling.

What affects my Sage 100 Contractor price?

Sage 100 Contractor pricing is subscription-based, with costs starting around $115 per user per month. Your Sage 100 Contractor price will be affected by the number of users you need as well as your Sage cloud hosting costs, your disk space needs, and your software features.

Can I host other Sage construction accounting software with my Sage 100 Contractor software?

Yes. Summit’s hosting services use dedicated servers that can be customized for your business. That means that in addition to hosting Sage 100 Contractor, you can also host other Sage accounting software along with third party applications if needed.

Can Summit Hosting support my data sovereignty needs for Canadian businesses?

Yes. Summit Hosting can host Sage 100 Contractor in Canada to meet data sovereignty needs.

What makes Summit Hosting different from other hosting providers out there?

We provide each of our customers with the security and reliability of their own dedicated physical server at the same price others are charging for shared server farms. Better yet? Our network engineers work with each customer to build out their dedicated server with the exact resources and 3rd-party applications they need to efficiently run their company.