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QuickBooks Upgrades

Every year, Intuit refreshes its legacy software and adds additional perks to save you time and make your job even easier. If you’re hosting an older edition of QuickBooks, you’re missing out on new and improved features that can increase your efficiency by simplifying tasks and enhance your speed at accomplishing day-to-day financial duties. Also, QuickBooks editions that are three years older than the newest released version are typically no longer supported by Intuit – so, you may no longer be supported by Intuit if you’re still using outdated software.

Is It Easy To Upgrade?

Yes! All you have to do is contact a hosting specialist for a customized QuickBooks software quote based on your company needs. After you’ve decided on the version of QuickBooks you’d like to host, you can buy the upgrade directly through us at Summit Hosting. Better yet? You can also purchase additional user licenses at anytime as needed. To make things even easier, we can install the upgrade on your dedicated server – just ask when you give us a call: 888-244-6559.

Buying vs Leasing QuickBooks: What’s Better?

When you buy your cloud hosted QuickBooks license instead of leasing the QuickBooks software, you’ll own a tangible asset for your company. Your business will also experience:

  • Cost Savings: Overall, most business save up to 70% over the course of three years when they buy their QuickBooks software and user licenses through Summit Hosting!
  • No Monthly Recurring Expenses: When you buy QuickBooks outright instead of leasing the licensing, you won’t have to factor monthly software expenses into your budget. Instead, you’re able to control future expenses by taking care of the payment upfront, and in turn you’ll enjoy capital cost savings over time.

Whether you’re ready to purchase QuickBooks or if you’d like to have a further conversation about the pros and cons of buying vs leasing this software, let us know! Our hosting specialists take a personalized approach to provide professional guidance so you can achieve your unique business goals.

Summit Hosting provides a great cloud hosting solution and excellent customer service.

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