QuickBooks Pro Hosting Overview

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable financial software to manage and organize the day-to-day accounting needs of your small business, look no further! QuickBooks Pro with Summit Hosting is the perfect solution. This powerful software simplifies tedious accounting tasks, keeps your data organized and streamlines your processes. In our cloud hosted QuickBooks Pro environment, you’ll be able to work on any device, from anywhere and use the same QuickBooks Pro Desktop interface you may already be familiar with. Better yet? Your business will have its own dedicated server built out with the exact resources (integrated applications, space, memory, etc.) you need to get the most out of your accounting software – shared servers don’t exist here, so you’ll never have to share resources with any users outside of your company.

When you host QuickBooks Pro with Summit Hosting, you have the option to either migrate your owned QuickBooks license into the cloud or you can choose to lease the software instead. Additionally, you can purchase any upgrades to QuickBooks 2020, the newest version of QuickBooks Pro directly through us instead of going through another seller.

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QuickBooks Pro +Payroll Hosting Overview

Need a few extra payroll-specific components that QuickBooks Pro doesn’t offer? Then hosted QuickBooks Pro +Payroll may be a more fitting version for your unique business needs in Canada. Pro +Payroll offers enhanced features such as free direct deposit, instant W-2s for accountants and electronic tax form filing.

We’re able to host owned QuickBooks Pro + Payroll licenses in the United States and Canada. However, we are currently unable to provide a lease for QuickBooks Pro + Payroll in the United States.

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QuickBooks Pro Hosting Benefits and Features

Easily and efficiently handle your small business’s accounting and financial tasks with QuickBooks Pro! Discover the top features and benefits you’ll enjoy when you use cloud hosted QuickBooks Pro:

  • Remote access from any device
  • 24/7/365 technical and customer support
  • Enhanced security via 256-bit data encryption and 2-factor authentication
  • Time and mileage tracking
  • Job costing
  • Tracks up to 14,500 items
  • Collect and pay sales tax
  • Export to Excel
  • Create and estimate invoices
  • Receive payments
  • Create purchase orders
  • Profit and loss reporting
  • And more

Why Choose Summit for QuickBooks Pro Hosting?

Yeah, there are hundreds of hosting companies out there but we’re the top seasoned experts when it comes to QuickBooks cloud hosting. For over 15 years, we’ve been dedicated to offering exceptional cloud hosting solutions using top tier technology with unparalleled 24/7/365 tech support. As you can tell based on the amount of time we’ve committed to cloud hosting, we’re in it for the long run – after all, you don’t become one of the largest, most trusted QuickBooks hosting providers in North America otherwise.

At Summit Hosting, we’re constantly listening to customer feedback and always on the look-out for new high-quality solutions, like 2-factor authentication and dedicated servers, that will make our customers cloud hosting experience even smoother and day-to-days easier. Why? So, you can focus on completing your tasks from anywhere, at any time without the overhead worry or costs associated with hardware upgrades, IT troubleshooting or maintenance.

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At Summit Hosting, we’re proud to offer the U.S. and Canada top-level cloud hosting services at an affordable price (and which already includes the $5 Intuit fee). For added peace of mind, we also offer 2-Factor Authentication access.

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 HostingHosting and Software Lease
QuickBooks Pro$53$58$69$73
QuickBooks Pro+ Payroll$53$58N/A$92
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QuickBooks Pro Hosting FAQs

Can I really use my QuickBooks Pro software from anywhere using the cloud?

Yes, as long as you have a device with a secure internet connection! For security reasons in certain countries, you may need to use a VPN – but no worries, we offer those too.

How many user accounts can work in QuickBooks Pro?

With QuickBooks Pro Desktop, you can only have up to 3 users work in the software simultaneously. With hosted QuickBooks Pro, however, the number of users who can work in QuickBooks is unlimited thanks to the cloud.

Why are dedicated servers better?

In our opinion, dedicated servers are superior to shared environments because they allow each of our customers to tailor their cloud according to their business’ specific needs – this gives you the option to add and remove resources as needed – and experience the best uptime and fastest speeds.

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