Managed Colocation for Global Connectivity

Colocation, or colo, is a data center that a third party manages instead of an on-site IT department. They dedicate server space and provide businesses with cloud-based hosting and computing capacity while managing infrastructure requirements. The result is a low monthly “subscription” that offers state-of-the-art equipment at a fraction of the investment of traditional data centers.  While every service level agreement (SLA) is different, at minimum, a colocation service provider should have security, scalability, low downtime rates, and meet compliance requirements. You have choices, but only some solutions can meet the demands of your organization. Discover what the best-dedicated servers and colocation services can do for you. 

Scalable Systems

An on-site data center is a massive capital expenditure many businesses can’t afford. Purchase bandwidth, rack space, or software hosting with monthly pricing and gain access to cost-effective cloud services. Ultimate scalability comes from a colocation data center whose IT infrastructure can handle on-demand upgrades in computing hardware capabilities. 

Ensured Compliance 

Enjoy dedicated servers that meet compliance requirements, including SSAE 18 certification and PCI compliance. Our expert staff provisions every server in our colocation facilities to be compliant, and we have audits available upon request to prove it! You can confidently host software like QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP Business One, knowing your teams will remain compliant. 

Advanced Security

Cyber and physical security are standard features of colocation facilities. Summit Hosting’s facilities have secured on-site floor spaces, preventing theft or damage to hardware components. Multi-factor authentication, EV SSL encryption, and VPNs prevent digital theft or damage by leveraging a suite of interconnected software. 

Maximal Uptime

A colocation provider maintains high performance despite power outages or natural disasters. Nightly backups, secure network services, and 24/7 support from Summit Hosting provide your organization with a 99% uptime. Never take your business offline, thanks to redundancy in every system that prevents catastrophe. 

Flexible Organization

Data center colocation means unrivaled flexibility for your business. Access cloud computing services, automate workloads, or interconnect various departments with the help of hosting from a data center facility. Expand or contract data storage as your business evolves and adapts to changes in hours, not days. 

Global Connection

Remote hands can now fill gaps in your team. Employees only need stable network connectivity to access vital corporate tools and data. Carrier-neutral data centers and public cloud solutions are hubs for groups to collaborate across vast geological distances. You can even provide hybrid cloud configurations that allow remote access for your teams without sacrificing control. 

Summit Hosting Excels at Colocation — Learn Why

Colocation service providers create a method of expanding computing power by creating a dedicated facility. However, many of those providers only offer shared server space which means giving up more security and control. Summit Hosting stands unique with dedicated servers, which feature high performance and low latency.   Summit Hosting’s servers are SSAE 18 certified, protected with redundancies, and backed up nightly. Our experts handle the maintenance, cross-connects, and IT infrastructure, giving you the peace of mind needed to focus on critical business decisions. Whether you run an accounting firm, a construction company, or a restaurant, Summit’s services can give you computing capabilities that would otherwise be unaffordable. Try us today to see the difference. 

Take Your Colocation to the Cloud with Summit Hosting

Colocation, colo, or cloud-based data center. A colocation provides secure servers, trained professionals, and flexibility that unlocks new possibilities. However you define colocation, it’s a solution that opens technological options that are too costly for many businesses.  Do you have software hosting or data storage requirements that need to catch up? Try Summit Hosting for 14 days to see how colocation is an affordable way to host your accounting software or expand your business’ data storage capacity.  Have more complex computing requirements? Our experts can tailor a quote for your business that’s far more affordable than investing in on-site equivalent capabilities. No matter the industry, Summit Hosting has a solution that remains high performing at all times.  Summit Hosting — we’re always on, always secure. Summit Hosting has server locations in Atlanta and Seattle, while Toronto powers Canadian hosting solutions. Our human support team is available 24/7/365 to answer questions or resolve concerns before they impact your business. Plus, our expansive resource library has advice, tutorials, and guides that make using cloud-based services easy for even the most technologically challenged.

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