QuickBooks and Sage Cloud Hosting for Restaurants and Hospitality

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Restaurants and Hospitality

Running a restaurant is a lot of work. The key to a smoother operation is having the right tools on hand, including the right Sage or QuickBooks cloud hosting plan. Both are unique programs suitable for most industries. Still, for hospitality services, whether it’s a restaurant, caterer, or food truck, cloud hosting provides critical data when you need it because managing costs is a day-to-day and sometimes an hour-to-hour process.

QuickBooks and Sage Cloud Hosting for Restaurants and Hospitality

Benefits of Sage or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for Restaurants and Hospitality

QuickBooks hosting for restaurants and other food services brings accounting to the fingertips of the people who need to see data on sales, expenses, personnel hours, and waste costs. Consider some benefits QuickBooks cloud hosting offers the hospitality industry.

Remote Access

Stakeholders can see how the day is going at their restaurant from anywhere. The owner might check from home on a night off, for example. It might be a way to see what fresh items the business needs before leaving for the restaurant in the morning. They can place an order from home and pick it up on the way to open or meet the delivery there. Remote access could be a whole new world for foodservice businesses.

Actionable Data

With easy access to data, restaurants can see what might impact their bottom line almost as soon as it happens. They can run profit and loss reports, analyze performance data and make tweaks that affect that day’s profits from anywhere. Perhaps they 86 a menu item or cut serving staff on a slow night. Using easy-to-run reports from QuickBooks allows for smart decision-making.

Manage Accounts Payable

The food industry relies heavily on vendors; whether it is the farm that provides produce or the linen company that drops off fresh tablecloths and napkins each day, it is important to control your vendor accounts. QuickBooks hosting can help find discrepancies between deliveries and billing. Use it to streamline repetitive tasks and keep all accounts current so there is no disruption in service.

Quick Invoicing From Anywhere

Restaurants and catering services will have to provide quick and accurate invoices to customers to get paid — the same day of the service. QuickBooks cloud hosting allows for fast invoice generation from anywhere. Restaurants can send a digital invoice to a business for a private party before it starts, so they have an idea of what to expect and deliver a printed one to the manager’s hands as the night winds down. The same is true for weddings and other family occasions.

Job Costing

QuickBooks can provide all the data necessary to give reliable estimates, too, and that data is available from anywhere. A catering manager could visit a potential customer in their home, find out what they need, and provide them with a written estimate using nothing but a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.

Full Tech Support

QuickBooks cloud hosting ensures there is 24-hour tech support available 365 days a year. Help is just a phone call away if there is a problem. Tech support also means businesses don’t worry about backups. It is automatic. If disaster strikes, the company data is safe and accessible.

Pay Taxes

Taxes are more complex in hospitality than you see in many industries. Restaurants must calculate sales tax, employee taxes, and even taxes on tips accurately and quickly. Use the program to pay taxes easily and accurately, as well.

Cloud Hosting Security for Restaurants and Hospitality

Security is a primary concern no matter what the industry. QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions for restaurant and hospitality services provides state-of-the-art encryption and authentication technology that includes Secure Sockets layer (SSL), digital certificates, and Multi-Factor Authentication. With 2-factor authentication, critical information is secure from would-be hackers. It is also only available to those with proper authorization. That helps restaurants protect their financial information from everyone but their most trusted employees.

With cloud hosting, there is 24-hour support in case there is a problem or suspected security breach. Restaurants might be easy targets for customer credit card data and other financial information such as banking accounts. Cloud hosting solutions provide network segregation. Hackers will struggle to identify which is the right network.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Restaurants and Hospitality

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro offers basic accounting for a small catering business or even a food truck. It is the right choice for the business that already owns a QuickBooks license but wants the convenience of cloud hosting services.

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a better choice for a restaurant. It offers the same basic accounting options and provides multiple user access and third-party app integration so that you can add on features suitable for the business, such as inventory management.

Sage 100

Sage 100 might be the right choice for a business that runs multiple locations. Sage hosting provides the best performance and customization. It also allows for third-party integrations and unlimited users.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Restaurants and Hospitality

QuickBooks and Sage hosting for restaurants & hospitality allow businesses to pick and choose third-party applications that provide features they need. QuickBooks cloud hosting provides a fully functioning accounting system to food service and hospitality businesses. Summit Hosting can set up the right plan for your business. For more information about the benefits of QuickBooks and Sage hosting and how Summit Hosting can help, give us a call today.


Square allows businesses to import critical operation data at the end of each day, such as sales, taxes, tips, and discounts. It is a time saver when it comes time to reconcile the books.


Deputy is a scheduling app that uses artificial intelligence to ensure restaurants have the right person for every shift. It looks at various factors such as availability, sales demand, and even weather and creates recommendations for staffing.


RestaurantOps is an employee management system that creates shifts and provides a communication platform for staff.


Timeslips works to simplify billing cycles and produce invoices. It can be done on a per-client basis, making it an excellent option for many hospitality services like catering.