QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Retail

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Retail Businesses

Cloud hosting has transformed the retail industry. More companies are leveraging the cloud products now than ever before because the cloud enables remote business management and lowers IT costs while improving the visibility of your product inventory, customer data, finances and more.

Interested in moving your retail business applications and data to the cloud? Summit Hosting is one of the most trusted hosting providers in North America, and we’re always ready to help you select the best cloud solution for your retail business from dedicated cloud server hosting to a secure virtual workspace.

QuickBooks and Sage Hosting Solutions for Retail

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting or Sage Hosting for Retail

What can cloud computing do for a retail business? Cloud technology benefits retail businesses in countless ways from improved inventory management and enhanced supply chain visibility to higher data security and better disaster recovery.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should begin your digital transformation by moving to QuickBooks cloud hosting or cloud-hosted Sage. When you use the cloud, you can enjoy enhanced insights and real-time snapshots thanks to secure, anywhere access to your software. Additionally, retailers enjoy the flexibility, customization, and business scalability the cloud offers, especially in a dedicated setting: unlike in a shared server setting, dedicated hosting lets you customize your server with the tools, applications, and resources you need as your business grows.

With the selection of a hosting provider, you’ll also reduce IT-related expenses and time spent dealing with IT headaches since cloud providers take over these responsibilities for you.

Cloud Hosting Security for Retail

Believe it or not, the cloud is a much more secure method for storing and protecting data than on-premise hosting. Critical information and files accessed using a cloud-hosted server are better protected from intrusions by unauthorized persons, cybercrime attempts, general human error and natural disasters. How is this possible? Most cloud service providers offer 24/7 data intrusion monitoring, around-the-clock data security and enterprise-level encryption technology, among others.

At Summit Hosting, we take additional security measures for our clients. Our dedicated server hosting solutions for retail are dedicated to only your business – this means you won’t have to worry about your data being compromised due to a misstep on behalf of another company sharing your server.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Retail Businesses

QuickBooks for Desktop Pro

Hosted QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the most affordable solution for retail businesses that are just starting out and are more focused on using QB to manage their general accounting needs.

QuickBooks Enterprise for Desktop

If your retail business needs more robust tools than Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise should be your go-to for the advanced features and flexibility you need. This version of hosted QuickBooks Desktop offers features that are industry-specific to organize and track inventory, sales and customer information in addition to detailed reporting and general QuickBooks features.

Sage 100

Sage 100 is a step above your typical accounting software and is designed to meet your needs as your business grows. This Sage product helps retail businesses dive deeper into analytics, sales, planning and financials.

Sage 300

This ERP is a great option for medium-sized retail businesses with multiple locations. Hosted Sage 300 helps simplify complicated financials, manage locations across regions and more for anywhere.

Sage X3

An enterprise-level product in the Business Cloud line, Sage X3 allows you to understand and take control of every aspect of your large retail business from procurement to customer service.

Interested in learning more about which QuickBooks or Sage hosting solution may be the best fit for you? Call us at 888-244-6559 to schedule a consultation with one of our cloud specialists.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Retail Businesses


Acctivate is an inventory management solution that helps organize and manage inventory for small businesses and online retailers that use QuickBooks.


A QuickBooks and Sage application, Avalara is used for automating tax compliance across product sales.


ScanForce is a Sage software integration that acts as a barcode scanning tool and helps streamline retail warehouse operations from management to label printing.


Connect Shopify with QuickBooks to ensure your records are accurate. This QuickBooks integration has an auto-import option for orders, sales and inventory.


A cloud-based QuickBooks and Sage integration that connects your business with partners across the supply chain to accelerate processes and productivity.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

An easy-to-use POS software by Intuit that was specifically designed for small businesses and integrates with QuickBooks Desktop.

For a full list of applications you can host on your Summit server, please see our Application Directory.

Ready to Leverage Cloud Hosting for Retail?

A leading provider of Sage and QuickBooks hosting in the U.S. and Canada, Summit Hosting’s managed application hosting services can significantly improve the overall performance, tracking and operations processes for businesses in the retail industry.

It’s easy to move to the cloud when you migrate with Summit Hosting! If you’re ready to grow your company, contact us today. We’d love to fill you in on how our hosting and virtual workspace solutions for the retail industry can help advance your business.