QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Healthcare

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Cloud Hosting Solutions for Healthcare

A healthcare enterprise is the same as any business. They face the same accounting challenges. They must track their profitability and create operating budgets and financial statements. These are the areas where either Sage or QuickBooks hosting for healthcare is an absolute necessity.

QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting for Healthcare

Benefits of Sage & QuickBooks Hosting for Healthcare

QuickBooks is an accounting program that benefits various healthcare businesses, including doctor’s practices, clinics, physical therapists, imaging centers, psychologists, home health care services, and dentist offices.

These companies have office expenses, payroll, taxes, bank accounts, and financial statements, just like any business. QuickBooks offers services that healthcare practitioners can use to manage their finances and run their business in a professional manner. Consider some benefits those in the healthcare industry could see with cloud hosting solutions for healthcare.

Save Time

QuickBooks saves time as healthcare businesses create invoices, reconcile monthly ledgers and even manage inventory. Cloud hosting provides automation that makes inputting expenses and payments more manageable. At the end of the month, office managers can generate reports that allow stakeholders to see both costs and credits and to understand the base profits.

Reduce Costs

QuickBooks hosting for healthcare is a practical way to monitor expenses and find ways to cut back when necessary. It will also save on purchasing software, paying for upgrades, and obtaining and managing expensive hardware. Everything is done through the cloud, so the software is always current, and the hosting backs up the data overnight.

Recover from Disaster

Nothing is quite as sensitive as healthcare data. With cloud hosting, there is always a backup available offsite should a disaster strike. Since the platform is available from virtually any location, staff can access it even if the business office suffers damage.

Remote Access

Healthcare business stakeholders can access critical data from anywhere in the world. Check-in at healthcare conferences and trade shows, go online at night after hours, and catch up. The data is accessible from anywhere to anyone with the proper login credentials.

Improved Collaboration

Certain data must be secure, but with Sage hosting for healthcare, a collaboration between stakeholders, vendors, and third-party associates like labs and imaging centers is still possible. Healthcare enterprises can compartmentalize data and give access to things like inventory or select records to those who need to see them.

The Use of Third-Party Integration

The ability to add third-party apps is one of the most innovative options for cloud hosting solutions. It provides flexibility to practices of all kinds and all sizes. Businesses can pick the size platform that best suits their needs and then handpick add-ons to have all the features they need.

Managed Hosting

There isn’t a lot of room for IT staff in the standard healthcare business. With the managed hosting opportunities found in cloud hosting for healthcare, enterprises save both money and space. A managed hosting system provides full IT service, including network support, security administration, and backup.

Cloud Hosting Security for Healthcare

Healthcare practices that choose to work in the cloud must take security seriously. Some data may be restricted and private by law. It’s one reason having cloud hosting is so important.

You don’t have to share with other users on a private server, significantly limiting your exposure to hackers or malware that can enter through other user’s networks.
Cloud hosting also improves network security by offering 2-factor authentication, protecting restricted data from potential hackers. The privacy settings also ensure that only those with access can see the most sensitive information.

Cloud security is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to stop attacks before they happen. The host must follow strict guidelines to guarantee privacy to healthcare businesses.

QuickBooks and Sage Products for Healthcare

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is a practical choice for small offices or practices. It offers essential financial and accounting tools. It allows companies that already have a QuickBooks license to take their information up to the cloud for added security and remote access. With the QuickBooks Pro plan, there are no expensive upgrades to pay for, either.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier offers a dedicated server for medium-sized practices. It allows for the same basic accounting options seen in QuickBooks Pro but with added built-in features such as expense tracking, bill pay, and printing checks. Add even more options with the managed application integration option. Install third-party applications that make operation and workflow easier.

QuickBooks Enterprise

The QuickBooks Enterprise package offer unlimited users and an advanced inventory management system so busy practices can also track their supplies. It also has third-party app integration and all the basic accounting tools.

QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant is a proper choice for the medium-sized healthcare business. It offers everything you find in QuickBooks Pro and Premier but with advanced features like a multi-level secure login system that allows you to share data with the right people from anywhere in the world.

Sage Enterprise Management

Sage Enterprise X3 Management is one of the most comprehensive Sage hosting products available. It is the right choice for large practices that want unlimited user accounts, daily backups, and high performance.

QuickBooks and Sage Apps for Healthcare

Summit Hosting integrates QuickBooks and Sage accounting software applications hospitals need to run effectively. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Healthcare practices of all sizes can benefit from the security, efficiency, and cost-savings advantages offered by cloud hosting solutions. Contact Summit today for a quote or to learn more about the hosting solution we can build you.


An inventory management system that helps healthcare businesses of all sizes track their supplies.


Helps simplify the accounts payable process for small offices looking to pay online.

CS Fixed Assets

A comprehensive depreciation tool that helps manage critical fixed assets.


Provides remote desktop scanning that is fully secure: an easy way to scan driver’s licenses and healthcare cards.


A secure, online document management and storage system that offers branded client portals and secure file sharing.


An employee time tracking and scheduling app that eliminates the need for the old-school time clock. Office and medical staff simply sign in and out using their smartphones, desktops, or laptop computers. Since the program integrates with QuickBooks, simply access that data when doing payroll.