Since 1983, Intuit QuickBooks has supported small businesses everywhere with comprehensive software that replaces traditional professional services like bookkeeping. Nonprofits, manufacturers, restaurants, and countless other industries turn to QuickBooks products to manage their finances. Today, QuickBooks software breaks down into two delivery methods, desktop versions or cloud-based online options. QuickBooks Online is a platform customers use via internet access instead of a traditional locally-installed software package. QuickBooks Desktop is a locally-installed software package stored on physical devices like a computer or server. The desktop lineup includes QuickBooks Pro and Pro Plus for small businesses and QuickBooks Premier Plus and QuickBooks Enterprise for larger organizations. In this article, we break down the difference between the small business-centric QuickBooks Pro and Pro Plus versions of the desktop software. We also explore some pros and cons of both offerings and give our insight into which option is the better buy. Don't have a server or need one to power a thin client? Summit Hosting's QuickBooks hosting platform has everything you need to get started without the massive upfront investment of an on-site solution. Learn more about why we are the best QuickBooks hosting option on our website! 

What is QuickBooks Desktop Pro?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is accounting software ideal for small businesses. It has a handful of bookkeeping functions to keep your finances in order. Popular features that business owners love include the following:
  • Expense tracking – You can track cash flow through income and expenses, log payments from each employee, and import financial data from external sources, like Excel. 
  • Inventory management and tracking – With QuickBooks Pro, you can monitor products on hand, manage purchase orders, view reports, and analyze insights. Plus, the software can notify users when product inventory runs low or a potential overorder. 
  • Payroll – Payroll functionality allows you to manage employee information, payroll records, payment amounts, and time tracking. Also, you can export reports to share with other team members or business partners. 
  • Bill management – Keep tabs on your bills and other outgoing expenses, like credit card interest. Never miss a due date with reminders, and keep up-to-date on upcoming charges.
  • Tax tracking – Stay in the know on the amount of income and sales tax your business pays and show detailed information on the taxes you pay over time. 
  • Invoice creation and sales features – Create customizable invoices and estimates for your products or services. You can automate reminders for outstanding invoices and collect payments. You can also engage in sales forecasting using sales tracking reports or any of the other 100+ available reports.
QuickBooks Pro is the entry-level desktop product from Intuit with essential yet valuable tools and functionality for most small businesses. However, it misses some key features of the Pro Plus version.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus?

The Pro Plus version of QuickBooks has all the same features as the Pro version but with some added features that boost the software's capabilities. These features include: 
  • Automatic data backups – Back up company data on a regular schedule to easily engage in disaster recovery if something happens. 
  • Free annual product upgrades – Thanks to an annual subscription, upgrading to the latest version is free. 
  • Unlimited support over the phone – QuickBooks Pro Plus customers have unlimited support via phone without any extra charge, plus they get answers to FAQs through online resources. 
  • Exclusive access to new features – Be the first to hear about and use the latest features and improvements. 
  • Security patches and updates – Keep your company files and financial data secure with constant improvements to security. 
Trusting sensitive information in the hands of just anyone can scare even the most hardened business owner. That's why Summit Hosting implements countless security measures to secure your QuickBooks hosting. These include dedicated servers, multi-factor authentication, and SSAE certifications. Try us free to experience these fantastic security offerings. 

Main Differences Between QuickBooks Pro vs. Pro Plus

QuickBooks Pro and Pro Plus are very similar desktop software platforms that help manage your business's finances. However, there are some subtle differences and essential information to remember before making your final decision. 
  • Price points – As of Pro and Pro Plus 2022, both QuickBooks products charge a yearly subscription fee. For the Pro version, that cost is $549 per year. The Pro Plus Version is only $50 more at $599. 
  • User groups – The Pro version only supports one user. The Pro Plus version also supports one user for the base cost but can add up to three users at $200 more per user. 
  • Device accessibility – Both QuickBooks versions are available on Microsoft Windows, Mac, or smart devices via mobile app. 
  • Customer support – QuickBooks Desktop Pro comes with limited customer support options. However, Pro Plus users get unlimited support via phone Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time. 
  • Features – QuickBooks Pro sets businesses up for success with essential components needed to keep track of finances. However, Pro Plus adds critical security and upgrade support. Neither feature enhanced features like e-commerce or industry-specific reports. For those, you need to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop Premier or Enterprise. 
These differences can make or break the decision to choose one product over another. Regardless of differences, Summit Hosting can support your hosting requirements for either version. Our always-on, always-secure mentality means 99% uptime. Request a quote to see how affordable, high-quality cloud hosting can be!

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Pro

As with any QuickBooks software, there are pros and cons to evaluate when deciding which version will be most effective for your business.  Pros:
  • Has everything a small business needs to manage finances
  • Invoicing and reporting features
  • Not available online; must call a salesperson to purchase
  • Limited mobile app
  • Not as good a deal as QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop Pro is a limited software platform with only the necessities. While it's a product many equate with quality, there are better alternatives, including those from Intuit's other offerings, such as Quicken or QuickBooks Online. 

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Pro Plus

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus is a solid upgrade over its entry-level counterpart. Although it provides improvements, there are still some pros and cons to be aware of.  Pros:
  • Adds security features and disaster recovery support
  • Can add-on enhanced payroll features
  • Free upgrades
  • Still more pricey compared to QuickBooks Online
  • Only supports one user, and extra users cost more
  • Limited mobile app
For only $50 more than the Pro level, the added security features and ability to add-on enhanced features make QuickBooks Pro Plus the better of these desktop versions. 

Choose Summit Hosting as Your QuickBooks Pro Host

Managing a business is challenging enough without worrying about your accounting software, too. That's where QuickBooks excels, and with a couple of desktop versions available, business owners have quality choices. QuickBooks Pro and Pro Plus each offer features like time tracking, accounts payable management, and reporting. But only the Pro Plus version offers upgraded security, add-on options, and additional users. These features at only a $50 increase make the Pro Plus the better buy. To maximize your QuickBooks capabilities, you need hosting services to ensure you have computing resources. Trust Summit Hosting to provide you with resources that have top-notch security, unlimited scalability, and 99% uptime. Try our QuickBooks Pro hosting today, and you'll never need another software host! 

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