Meeting of the Minds 2019: For the second year in a row, Summit Hosting traveled to San Diego, CA for the annual 90 Minds' Meeting of the Minds.

If you’re not familiar with this group, it’s a member-only community for ERP consultants and resellers, many of whom specialize in the Sage 100 / Sage 100cloud products. They collaborate throughout the year in an online forum, helping one another solve problems and learn valuable tips to help their customers. They meet in San Diego once a year, in what feels like nothing short of a family reunion.

After the opening night meet and greet, the conference kicked off Monday morning with a “From Fire Fighting to Fire Insurance” keynote by Sage’s Ed Kless. Throughout the presentation, Ed encouraged consultants to consider how they can work under a subscription model and provide better value to their customers, rather than just being there to “put out fires.” Ed also went through a number of examples of the types of subscriptions that have cropped up recently, and how businesses like magazine publishers and auto manufacturers are evolving by embracing subscription-based models. In the end, he challenged attendees to think about what products or services they might subscribe to, and why, and apply this thinking to their own businesses. Later, there was even a live broadcast on-site for The Soul of Enterprise which featured a dialog on the topic. You can listen to the full episode here.

After the event, Sage presented the “Sage Road Ahead”, giving attendees a preview of what’s coming up in the new releases for the next year or so. They then held the annual Sage Town Hall, where audience members were encouraged to ask all their burning questions for Sage - of which there were plenty!

The afternoon and following day continued with presentations by the members, all of whom volunteered their time to educate attendees on their various areas of expertise. Business Intelligence (BI) was a hot topic, and several sessions were devoted to reviewing the different reporting options available. Other session topics included Warehouse Management by ScanForce, e-commerce by CIMcloud, SQL for Sage 100 and Sage Fixed Assets, to name just a few.

At the Meetings of the Minds, it wasn’t just all work and no play for the community - the evenings were filled with great opportunities for the attendees to connect and network with each other, like casino night and karaoke night.

The Summit Hosting team had great conversations with the attendees about how we help customers enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting for their Sage applications. This is a technical group, so we were asked a boatload of wonderful questions about our cloud hosting technology, security and services.

We love answering questions about cloud hosting and how it helps businesses grow. So, please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you’d like to learn more about our QuickBooks and Sage hosting services or our customer referral program – we’re always happy to help!

To read a longer, more in-depth recap of this event, visit Wayne Schulz’s blog.

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