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You’ll have fourteen days to get familiar with our remote desktop environment via access to a demo dedicated cloud server. Your demo server will be pre-loaded with a sandbox-version of either Act! product you need a hosting trial for so you can test how it will perform in the cloud.

Please note: do not upload any personal files as you test-drive our cloud hosting services as they won’t be saved.

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Benefits of Cloud Hosting with Summit

What many Act! users don’t realize is that when it comes to choosing a hosting provider, they have options. Summit Hosting is now the largest Act! hosting provider in the United States and we offer many advantages over our competitors.

Works With Any Size Database

If you have a large database other hosting services might turn you away. But it’s no problem for us. We process your data and store it securely on our cloud servers.

Access to Useful Add-ons

Clients that work with Act! directly don’t have access to useful add-ons like Handheld Contacts, Q Sales Data for Quickbooks, Web Prospect and Topline Designer. Our platform allows you to add these powerful apps that broaden the features of your Act! Premium CRM.

Quick Customized Layouts

No more struggles creating the perfect layout. We customize your layout for you to help launch Act! quickly into your business and seamlessly integrate it into your business processes.

Works on Any Operating System

Whether you use a Mac or PC, your data will integrate seamlessly with your email, word processing, and spreadsheet programs.

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24/7/365 Server Support

You have access to our US-based server support team anytime you need it. They are available 24/7/365 and respond to 95% of new requests in just 20 minutes or less!

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Rock Solid Data Security

At Summit Hosting, every dedicated server we build comes standard with Summit Secure Workspace. This enhanced security suite and our teams work 24/7/365 to secure your data from cyber threats.

Ready to check out our Act! hosting solutions first-hand?

Summit Hosting delivers 24/7 cloud services for hosting Act! with SSL encryption, entire desktops, and servers. Streamline your Act! Premium and Marketing Automation with Summit Hosting and see how our hosting services can help your business grow.

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