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Why Partner with Summit Hosting?

Retain current customers and attract new business by leveraging the benefits of our cloud hosting solution. Partnering with Summit Hosting allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors and provide excellent customer service while we take care of the tricky bits.

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Who Can Partner?

If you support customers who use QuickBooks, Sage or one of the other managed applications we host, you are eligible to become a partner. Leveraging the benefits of our cloud hosting solution is an excellent way to retain current customers and attract new business.

Summit Hosting

Managed Service Providers

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) you can bundle our cloud hosting solution with your IT services to your clients. As our partner, you can generate more revenue as well as earn a commission from us.

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Independent Software Vendors

We are experts at hosting 3rd party applications, with thousands of apps successfully hosted on our servers. Our unique server settings never let the server time out, even when no one is logged in. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who wants to deliver a safe, secure cloud hosting solution for your clients, click the learn more button to find out how we do it.

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Certified Public Accountants

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you will be a hero to your clients if you can give them secure and full access to their books from remote locations. We offer both reseller and referral options for QuickBooks, Sage and more.

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Jake Reeves
Director of Partnerships

888-244-6559 (office)
360-689-5060 (cell)
[email protected]

Director of Partnerships, Cloud Solutions (North America)

Jake Reeves brings over two decades of working in the technical industry. Jake specializes in providing technical engineering services to businesses who want to adopt the cloud but don’t know where to begin. Jake’s focus is on his customers and partnerships in finding the right solution, for the best cost.


See the Health of Your Servers Anytime

Want to see how your server is performing?

Summit Hosting offers Service Dashboards that give you a snap shot of the current health of all servers in your environment.

SUMMIT HOSTING PARTNER PROGRAM Benefits for Managed Service Providers


Benefits for Managed Service Providers

Better service for your customers, a new revenue stream for you.

As an experienced IT company, you need a dedicated always-on server where you have full admin rights. Even better if you can manage and control each of your client accounts from one central hub. When you have an established partnership with us, you will always have a trust-worthy referral for cloud hosting for your clients and you can still be as hands-on as you want.

Some of the benefits of the MSP Partner Program include:

  • A 15% commission for every new client you bring on board
  • Increased revenue with new service offerings that bundle cloud hosting
  • Technical and presentation support from Summit Hosting for client demos
  • Discounted hosting for your own internal/demo servers
  • A dedicated rep you can call for troubleshooting, testing, and fixing
  • Increased product margin and decreased hardware and IT costs


Benefits for Independent Software Vendors

Satisfied customers, less headaches.

Your job is making amazing software. We can take care of the cloud hosting and integration component. When you become a partner with Summit Hosting, your servers will always sync quickly, no matter what time of day you need to access your data. Our servers are always on and always secure, so you never have to wait for the link to re-establish or reset.

Some of the benefits of the ISV Partner Program include:

  • Hands-off management
  • Amazon gift card incentive for each lead from your sales reps
  • Marketing Resources to help your customers understand the benefit of dedicated cloud hosting
  • Happy customers because they never have to wait to sync a backlog of data
  • Discounted hosting for your own internal/demo servers
  • Ability to integrate countless 3rd party applications
  • Easy sync between QuickBooks, Sage, and any other piece of software with the click of a button.
SUMMIT HOSTING PARTNER PROGRAM Benefits for Independent Software Vendors


All hosting providers use terminal servers, and typically when no users are logged in, the server drops to a low power or hibernation mode after about 2 hours. This breaks the sync between your application and the outside database. The next time a user logs into the server, the services start back up but sometimes error. This triggers a server reboot to remedy the problem. When the service does come back up, the sync starts to pull data down to update, making the server bog down and lag for your users. This performance lag can take several hours until your application data is fully synced.


We create a local admin user on the server and set the user to no inactivity timeouts. That way the user never logs out and the server never drops to low power or hibernation mode. This allows your application to stay active and live at all times, never breaking the sync, and never causing a performance lag.

SUMMIT HOSTING PARTNER PROGRAM Benefits for Certified Public Accountants


Benefits for Certified Public Accountants

When you have multiple clients in various locations with different versions of the software and inconsistent levels of IT support, your job can become more than just crunching numbers. Partnering with us will allow you to spend less time worrying over IT roadblocks and more time doing what matters.

Some of the benefits of the CPA Partner Program include:

  • One account to manage every single client, with enhanced security so client accounts still remain separate
  • Customizable billing: we can bill you or your client directly, or do a split bill as requested
  • Ability to mark-up hosting costs so you can make a profit
  • Enhanced remote access from anywhere, anytime using RDP (remote desktop protocol)
  • Nightly server backups retained for 15 days at no extra cost
  • Reseller opportunities

Ready to join our Partner or Reseller Program at Summit Hosting?

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