QuickBooks is a very popular and user-friendly accounting software. Many businesses say that it helps them better serve their customers and streamline their workflow. However, apart from making accounting functions easier for small to mid-sized businesses, QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting can also improve a company’s general efficiency and make it more productive on the whole. Here are some ways that QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting helps companies be more productive, efficient and saves them time.
  • Provides for automatic backups: At a minimum, losing company data can prove to be inconvenient. At most it can be catastrophic. When you use cloud-based QuickBooks cloud hosting you can avoid accidental deletion since your data is automatically backed up periodically. This means that your company can eliminate the time and effort that would be expended recovering or replacing lost data.
  • It creates a collaborative environment. There is much to the saying that many hands make light work. And since your employees can securely access data from remote locations any time of day without being present in the office, they are better able to collaborate with one another to complete complex multi-staged projects.
  • Allows for easier integration with add-ons and third party apps: QuickBooks is compatible with 100s of third party apps and add-ons. This integration is far easier with QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting. Moreover, these integrations help you better serve your customers and helps your employees to work more efficiently.computer
  • Allows for greater scalability: Small businesses need room to grow. The best part of hosting QuickBooks in a cloud environment is that you can scale your business as the necessity arises. You will have limitless RAM, storage, and CPU with a single click which will help give your workers greater flexibility and your customers more options.
  • Help businesses stay up to date: Most small companies cannot afford large IT staffs and servers. When you use QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting you are essentially employing a remote IT team. This frees your staff to put its efforts into growing the business rather than trying to head off every IT problem.

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