Are you tired of feeling like you're drowning in a sea of customer data? Managing customer relationships can be overwhelming for any small business, but with the right CRM solution, it can be a breeze. Act! CRM is the perfect tool for small businesses looking to streamline their customer relationship management processes. And what's more, with Act! CRM's cloud hosting options, you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. So, whether you're at the office, at home, or on a tropical island sipping on a Mai Tai, you can stay connected to your customers. And don't worry about security – choosing Act! CRM's cloud hosting option provides top-of-the-line protection for your customer data.

Now, when it comes to selecting a hosting provider for Act! CRM, you have options - but why settle for anything less than the best? Summit Hosting is the largest Act! hosting provider in the United States, and we're here to help you take your small business to the next level. So, let's get started!

1. What is Act! CRM?

Act! CRM is like a trusted friend for small businesses. With over three decades of experience in managing customer relationships, sales, and marketing, Act! CRM is a reliable and versatile software solution that provides businesses with everything they need to grow and succeed. The latest version, Act! v24, offers exciting new features and improvements, and it's available as an on-premises deployment or cloud hosting option. If you want to learn more about how Act! CRM’s features can help your small business and the perks of hosting it instead of on-premises deployment, keep reading this blog.

2. Key Features of Act! CRM.

  • Contact Management: Act! CRM provides a centralized location to store all customer information, including contact details, notes, activities, and history. This makes it easy for users to access and manage customer information from a single location.
  • Opportunity Management: Act! CRM allows users to track sales opportunities from initial contact to close. This includes tracking deal stages, probability of closing, and estimated revenue.
  • Sales Forecasting: Act! CRM provides sales forecasting tools to help businesses predict future sales revenue based on historical data and current opportunities.
  • Marketing Automation: Act! CRM includes marketing automation features such as email campaigns, lead capture forms, and lead scoring. This allows businesses to automate their marketing processes and improve lead generation.
  • Mobile App: Act! CRM has a mobile app that allows users to access customer information, manage opportunities, and track activities from their mobile device.

3. Benefits of Act! for Small Businesses.

  • Affordable Pricing: Act! CRM is an affordable solution for small businesses. The pricing is based on a per-user, per-month subscription model, which means businesses can scale their usage based on their needs.
  • Ease of Use: Act! CRM is designed with small businesses in mind, so it's user-friendly and easy to navigate. The interface is intuitive and customizable, allowing users to personalize their experience.
  • Centralized Customer Information: Act! CRM provides a centralized location to store all customer information, which makes it easy for businesses to access and manage customer data.
  • Improved Sales Processes: Act! CRM helps businesses streamline their sales processes by providing tools for opportunity management, sales forecasting, and pipeline tracking.
  • Marketing Automation: Act! CRM includes marketing automation features that help businesses improve their lead generation and conversion rates.

4. Act! CRM in the Cloud.

One of the significant benefits of hosting Act! CRM in the cloud is that it allows for easy accessibility and collaboration from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. This can increase productivity and efficiency in your business as it enables your team to work remotely and stay connected to critical business data and activities.

Furthermore, Act! CRM cloud hosting offers added security, automatic data backup, and disaster recovery options, giving businesses peace of mind that their data is safe and secure. Additionally, cloud hosting eliminates the need for hardware, software, and IT infrastructure costs, reducing the burden on businesses to manage IT resources and enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

Overall, choosing Summit Hosting as your Act! CRM hosting provider is a great option for small businesses looking for a convenient, scalable, and secure solution for their CRM needs. Act! CRM offers flexible deployment options that can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses no matter the size or industry. In addition, hosting with Summit offers your business enhanced security and data protection. We will employ advanced security measures, such as encryption and regular backups, to protect both your's and your customers' data.

5. It's time to get your Act! together...

Act! CRM is a comprehensive solution for small businesses looking to improve their customer relationship management, sales, and marketing processes. With a range of features designed specifically for small businesses, Act! CRM is an affordable and user-friendly option that can help streamline your business’ operations. If you're in the market for a CRM solution, Act! CRM is definitely worth considering. So, now that you’ve learned about the perks of hosting Act! CRM – what are you waiting for? It’s time you work on your business not in it! Contact us today to learn more about how hosting Act! CRM with Summit can streamline your operations. And if you’re curious on which Act hosting option is right for you – you can learn about all of Summit Hosting’s Act! Offerings. Talk to you soon!

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Faisl Taher

This blogpost is Written by Faisl Taher. Faisl is a Marketing Manager at Summit. Faisl holds an MBA in Marketing Strategy. He's passionate about data analysis, consumer behavior, and marketing technology. Faisl is a lifelong learner who regularly keeps himself updated with the latest technologies and industry advancements. In his free time, he explores NYC's coffee scene and stays active through running.

Faisl Taher