The SMB Innovation Summit is back, and Summit Hosting is excited to announce our attendance! By bringing you the latest SAP SMB positioning and market strategy, the SMB Innovation Summit aims to empower companies like yours on the path to success.Summit Hosting shares that interest of empowerment and believes that the Best-Run Businesses running SAP Business One in the cloud need the best hosting platform available. The Summit Hosting SAP Cloud.Summit Hosting has a brand new, purpose-built cloud for you and your customers built from the ground up in 2022 for SAP Business One Powered by HANA or Microsoft SQL Server. More importantly, we have been listening to the partner community to build the most flexible and partner-friendly program with:
  • Industry-leading commission program and competitive rates for partner billed subscription customers
  • Contract flexibility to match your hosting contract with your SAP subscription termination dates
  • Dedicated Servers for the ultimate flexibility
  • Partner launchpads to access all of your clients from a single desktop
  • Partner data repositories for storing your collection of tools, enhancements, and configurations
  • Optional Server Dashboards to provide visual insights to your SAP Business One cloud with real-time resource monitoring, event logs, and much more.
We also provide you full administrative access to your cloud, thanks to our collection of industry-leading tools packaged within Summit Secure Workspace™. Designed to protect you and your customers from ransomware, malware, and all forms of cyberattack, the tools within Summit Secure Workspace™ work to protect you and your clients' business 24/7/365. These features and tools consist of:
  • GuardicoreAn infrastructure-level application that segments and isolates your servers on the network for superior protection.
  • SentinelOne - An enterprise-level anti-virus program that is proactively vigilant at all hours, preventing attacks before they happen.
  • TruGrid A highly secure, zero-trust login method with Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Support - Our security vigilance team and server support teams are always here to help.
To learn even more about the Summit Hosting SAP cloud, contact a member of our team today and visit our booth at the Solution Fair at the SMB Innovation Summit!

Gary Feldman