Where is My Refund?

Taxes are boring, but tax refunds give people some incentive to file their taxes on time. However, even if you file your taxes quickly, it may still take a long time to receive your refund. If you filed a while ago but are still waiting, then you have probably asked yourself, "Where is my refund?" You need peace of mind and do not want to leave money on the table, so check out this simple guide on how to find the status of your tax refund.

Is It Too Late To File Your Taxes?

Although you may face financial penalties for filing late, you are eligible for a refund for up to three years after a tax return is due. Whether you are going to receive a refund or not, you still need to file your past-due taxes immediately to avoid more serious legal problems. Consider filing an extension if you are not too far past the tax deadline. It will give you an extra six months from the deadline to file your tax return, but you will still be liable for any late fees or penalties that you have already accrued. If you are way past the tax deadline or are simply not sure where to start, then you should reach out to a reputable accountant as soon as possible to figure out the best course of action.

Where Do You Look for Your Federal Refund?

Luckily, the federal government has a convenient refund tracker right on its website, so you will not have to look far for your refund. Keep your tax return handy while you use this tool. You will have to reference it to make sure that your information matches what you enter into the refund tracker. Otherwise, the status of your tax return will not show up. Call the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040 if you are still not sure about your refund after using the refund tracker.

Where Do You Look for Your State Refund?

Most people file their state taxes at the same time as their federal taxes. However, you do not have to file them at the same time, so it is easy to forget to file one or the other. If you filed your federal return but forgot the state return, then you should file your state return as quickly as possible to minimize any potential penalties. Each state's revenue service has its own website, and you can usually find the refund tracker somewhere on the front page. Google does not always have the clearest results when it comes to state revenue services, so check out this handy list to easily find your state's tax department's website. If you still have questions after using your state's refund tracker, then contact your state's revenue service right away to sort things out.

How Do You Know if You will Receive a Stimulus Check?

The government sent out three stimulus checks between 2020 and 2021, and most eligible people have already received them. However, if you did not get yours for some reason, then you may be eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit. Visit this page to learn more about the Recovery Rebate Credit and determine your eligibility. If you have already filed your taxes but are eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit, then you may have to file an amended return.

Do not Wait To Track Your Refund and Stimulus Check

Everyone could use some extra money in the bank. You never know when an unexpected expense may pop up, so it's always good to have a little breathing room just in case. Therefore, you must make sure to act quickly and connect with the right people so that you can receive your refund as soon as possible. While dealing with the IRS and state revenue services might not be fun, you will be happy that you took action when you finally receive your IRS refund.

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