Virtual Time+Expense

Virtual Time+Expense provides online time entry and approval, produces accurate, thorough invoices, and integrates smoothly with QuickBooks and other systems, including Peachtree, ADP, and Paychex.

SpringAhead Features

Expense Report Overview

Manage expense reports like the pros. SpringAhead credit card integration, paperless receipt management and an intuitive online interface give your team the edge. Integrate with ADP, QuickBooks and your other back-office systems to make accounting a breeze.

Time Sheet Overview

SpringAhead is people friendly and accounting approved and the time tracking and billing system is the best in the business. Put all the right tools at your fingertips: tailored time entry, project tracking, push-button invoicing and deep accounting integration all in a single, easy to use platform.

Import Credit Cards with one click

Minimize expense report entry with SpringAhead. Either directly import expenses from your credit card account or upload them from a file. SpringAhead works all of your credit cards whether corporate or personal. Accountants can even associate corporate credit cards with individual people and general ledger accounts.

Seamlessly Integrate with Others

With SpringAhead’s award-winning integration lets you say goodbye to double data entry and manual entry errors. Experience reliable integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Paychex, Peachtree and most other systems.

Tailored Time Entry

In business, one size rarely fits all. With SpringAhead, you can track time by the minute, day, week, project, project activity, time type, and more. You can also tailor the lists that each person sees. This keeps employee entry simple and private data private.

Foreign Currency at your Fingertips

Our software is as comfortable abroad as you are. Mix and match currencies and account for every penny, pence or peso with ease.

Billing and Invoicing

Simplify even the toughest hourly billing and invoicing structures without spreadsheets. Set up bill rates by person, person and project, task, task and project and more. SpringAhead’s billing tools automate your calculations and create detailed invoices directly within your accounting system.

Your Data is Secure

Security matters. SpringAhead helps you sleep well at night by providing SSL encryption, redundant backups and a guarded, state-of-the-art facility designed to keep your data safe and secure.

Easy Setup, Just Import Data and Go

Anytime, anywhere access makes your people more productive. No hardware to purchase or maintain makes good business sense.

Multiple Approvals

Get all the right people in the loop. Define all the approvers you need and specify the order of approval. Take advantage of expense reports routing based on dollar amount to ensure compliance with your internal approval policy. Stay on schedule with email notifications and the detailed administrator dashboard.

Project Tracking

Labor and expense reports typically account for more than 80% of a business’s direct costs. Get a grip on your project costs today without breaking the bank. Simply track time and expenses in SpringAhead. Then run the reports by person and project to understand your revenues, costs and margin in detail.

Make Reporting a Snap

Give your team access to the information they need without having to prepare and email reports. Role-based access security keeps confidential information confidential.