UPS WorldShip Hosting

With UPS WorldShip, you can use your own computer—in the office or at home—to manage all of your company’s shipping needs. Not only does UPS Worldship allow you to streamline your business’ shipping processes, it also allows you to aggregate customer shipping information and store it in one place, as well as track your order inquiries and invoices.

Why UPS WorldShip

Process automation

WorldShip helps you save time by letting you automate shipment processes, such as viewing rates, scheduling air freight pickups, creating international forms, and setting up customer profiles online.

System integration

WorldShip allows you to import and export your customers’ shipping data from and to your existing billing, warehouse, and order management systems.

Cost management

WorldShip allows you to assign, track, and analyze your shipping-related costs using reference numbers, which means you can better plan and control the amount of money your business is spending on shipping.

Customized settings

With WorldShip you can change your default settings (service level, packaging types, etc.) to match the needs of your particular business.

International shipping made easy

WorldShip gives you immediate access to international shipping documents—including Commercial Invoice, SED, and Certificate of Origin—to help you make sure all of your global shipments are processed quickly, easily, and correctly.

Delivery follow-through

WorldShip supports Quantum View Notify, a feature that allows both you and your customers to keep track of your shipments while they’re in transit. You can also use WorldShip to notify up to five e-mail recipients when a freight shipment is shipped or delivered.

…and more

UPS WorldShip also features a built-in rate calculator, label-printing capabilities, a variety of shipping and return services, processing for 38 origin countries/territories and in 20 languages/dialects—and more.

UPS WorldShip Hosting: Dedicated Server Pricing

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Why choose Summit Hosting for UPS WorldShip hosting?

Using UPS WorldShip is a great way to improve the way your business handles shipping, from A to Z, and with Summit Hosting hosting it for you, it gets even better. Hosting means you get all the benefits of WorldShip without having to install it on your own computer; Summit Hosting will take care of maintaining the software, and all you have to in order to take advantage of its many features is log in. With Summit Hosting hosting UPS WorldShip for you, you’ll be:


With Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting, you can integrate UPS WorldShip™ and corresponding data with QuickBooks and other hosted applications.


Since Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting allows you to log in from anywhere you have internet access—at any time, day or night—you’ll always be able to access your shipping data when you need it, and so will your staff.

Safe and secure

Summit Hosting’s servers are housed in highly secure data centers, giving your data round-the-clock, state-of-the-art protection from viruses and hackers; and your information will be backed up in multiple locations daily, so it’s never in danger of being lost.

Saving time and money

We offer our clients 24×7 IT support for our hosted applications. With Summit Hosting on your side, you won’t need to invest in building your own IT infrastructure to make sure your shipping system runs smoothly; if you have any trouble with WorldShip, we’re just a phone call away. Plus, you’ll never have to deal with program updates, software installation, service packs, and other maintenance issues—we’ll take care of it all.