Summit Hosting is proud to highlight its celebrated partner, Uncat. Recently, we interviewed Brandon Bruce, CEO, Co-founder of Uncat to learn more about how the business strives to create efficiency for its customers.   Could you tell us about your business? When and how it started, and the journey? Brandon:  We started Uncat because my co-founder Adam was tired of sending spreadsheets of uncategorized transactions to his bookkeeping clients. Uncat gets client responses back faster by syncing with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero and automatically notifying clients when there are transactions that need their attention. The clients provide responses in Uncat and Adam can then categorize the transactions right from Uncat. Since we launched two years ago, we've welcomed thousands of accounting professionals to Uncat. Uncat - Summit partner Uncat - Summit partner[/caption] Could you tell us about your customers? What industries do you/they work in? Brandon:  Our customers are accountants and bookkeepers for small and medium-sized businesses. They're the people who keep the financial house in order for millions of companies across every industry around the globe. We love working with them. How does Summit Hosting play a role in your customer journey? Brandon:  Uncat syncs with QuickBooks Desktop, and Summit Hosting provides exceptional hosting on secure, dedicated servers for QuickBooks.What is it like for your customers to work with the Summit Hosting team? Brandon:  It's a pleasure to work with the Summit Hosting team. They're committed to the success of their customers.What attracted you to Summit Hosting? Brandon:  The team at Summit Hosting are experts in hosting QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud. They're responsive and easy to work with.How does the future look for your business? Would you like to share anything exciting coming up or something that you are working on and can tell us about? Brandon:  We're excited to work with more and more accounting professionals that use Summit Hosting. For just $5 a month per client, Uncat helps Summit Hosting customers solve uncategorized transactions with their clients and save hours of time every month.

Summit's customizable dedicated servers, enterprise-level security, and 24/7 U.S.-based support make moving to the cloud easier and more secure than ever before. That's why leading third-party products for QuickBooks, Sage, and SAP choose Summit as their platform of choice.

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