Assistance for first-time users.

TurboTax includes EasyGuide, which offers step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the software.

Collects tax information for you

TurboTax does half the work for you—it can even retrieve information from W-2s place it in the right spots on your return.

Guaranteed biggest refund

TurboTax will help you find every deduction possible—even searching your return for missed deductions—so you never let money slip through the cracks. TurboTax will also help you maximize your deductions for charitable donations and determine whether your medical expenses can qualify as deductions.


With TurboTax, you can be certain that your tax returns are accurate. Before you file, TurboTax checks for errors and helps you fix any problems. TurboTax also features an Audit Risk Meter so you never have to worry about being audited.


Why choose Summit Hosting for TurboTax hosting?


Saved time and money

Tax preparation software is meant to help you find the biggest deductions possible, so you can save as much money as possible; Summit Hosting can help you take these savings even further by reducing your hardware costs, installation time, and audit fees, and eliminating your need for software updates. Summit Hosting takes care of back end and allows you to simply use the applications you need—all at an affordable monthly cost, with no hidden fees.

Integration with QuickBooks

TurboTax works together with QuickBooks to provide the most efficient way possible to complete your tax returns. Since Summit Hosting is already a leading QuickBooks host, we make integrating TurboTax with QuickBooks even easier. Having both applications in one central location ensures that you always have access to both, anytime you need it.


Tax return information is important and confidential. Summit Hosting makes sure your sensitive information is safe with us by backing your data up daily and storing it in multiple locations so it is never in danger of being lost. Kept in our highly secure, company-owned data centers, your information is always protected from hackers and viruses—making using Summit Hosting much more secure than relying on TurboTax Online.