The Trinity Solution™

Better Business Management

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Set Your Business Up to Grow Exponentially

Summit Hosting has partnered with the top providers in their respective sectors to offer you a triple threat set-up that bundles our always on, always secure hosting, integrated QuickBooks from Certum and connected apps with Webgility.

The Trinity Solution

Streamline your business processes with Certum.

The Trinity Solution

Automate your data and commerce with Webgility.

Summit Secure Workspace

Secure the way you work with Summit Hosting.

Choose the Trinity Solution™

The Trinity Solution

3 Steps to Save 30%

The Trinity Solution brings you the best possible solution for your e-commerce back end. It offers you a way to streamline, automate, and secure your business data and processes all in one.

Step One


Start by streamlining your business processes and allow for scalability by choosing Certum Solutions to help you integrate QuickBooks with your business.

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up to 30% off Intuit software MSRP for lifetime of subscription

Certum helps you scale your business gracefully and efficiently without missing milestones.

Certum Solutions

Step Two


Scale your business with less time spent on backend processes. Webgility frees up valuable time and resources by automating and syncing your Quickbooks accounting data with your ecommerce sites.

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up to 30% off for an annual subscription

Webgility connects QuickBooks to your online sales channels, making e-commerce accounting a breeze.


Step Three

Step 3: SECURE

Secure the way you work by hosting your data with an always on, always secure solution at Summit Hosting.

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30% off + 2 months free hosting

Summit Hosting is an extremely secure host for QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Point-of-Sale, with unbeatable uptime.

Always On. Always Secure.

On average, companies use about 37 different tools or software platforms to manage their business. 

You can consolidate that number by using the Trinity Solution™.

The Trinity Solution

Save 30% when you bundle all three!