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Summit Hosting, a cloud-based hosting provider focused on Sage and QuickBooks applications, has announced it will now offer customers the option of adding 2-factor authentication to their hosting environment. With cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, the company is taking added measures to ensure the security and protection of its customer’s critical business software systems and data.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security that can significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks such as identity theft, phishing emails and ransomware. It consists of an added verification process that requires more than just a password to access your information. This additional step not only notifies you via a secondary verification device (like a mobile phone) that your server is being accessed but enables you to grant or deny that access remotely.

Stan Kania, Summit Hosting CEO, says the decision to enhance security for their hosted customers was a no-brainer. “While new data protection regulations that are rolling out don’t specifically require 2-factor authentication, we wanted to go above and beyond to instill even more confidence in our application hosting services. By adding the 2-factor authentication option on top of our existing rock-solid technology, we’ve created what I think is the most secure cloud hosting environment on the market.”

Kania adds that while 2-factor authentication creates an extra step in accessing your Sage or QuickBooks system, the process is extremely fast and simple. “When you log into your server, you automatically receive a verification code on your mobile phone. Once you enter the code, you can grant or deny access right from the mobile application. It’s a small step that delivers a huge benefit.”

2-factor authentication is now available for all hosting users including QuickBooks, all Sage ERP and construction software products, Sage CRM, Sage Fixed Assets and Sage HRMS.

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About Summit Hosting Summit Hosting was founded by Stanley Kania in 2016 through the merging of and Bringing these companies together and creating Summit Hosting has catapulted the business into becoming the leading hosting provider for QuickBooks and Sage Programs.

Summit Hosting provides cloud-based hosting to U.S.-based and international businesses, delivering the highest level of performance, security and customer service. They offer clients dedicated servers in addition to hosting several 3rd party applications. Your experience with Summit Hosting begins with a knowledgeable U.S.-based sales team. They work with you to understand your business, goals, and hosting needs. Once they’ve developed the right solution to meet your objectives, Summit Hosting puts that plan into action with their technical team.

With a team of certified support professionals available 24/7 to provide help, the company is 100% customer-focused, a principle that has guided the business since its inception. Summit Hosting understands the importance of providing flawless customer support, as well as how to deliver that.

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