SherWare Oil & Gas

Flexible and affordable oil and gas accounting software. A simple, feature-packed solution for tracking revenue distributions and joint interest billing.

Why SherWare Hosting?

SherWare hosting puts SherWare Software in the cloud giving you 24 /7  access to your software from anywhere with an internet connection. Sherware Software is the leading oil and gas accounting software.  It simplifies your oil and gas business. Whether you are a small operator or an accountant with several clients in the industry, SherWare can help; all you need to do is choose the product that best suits your needs.  Sherware products include:

Sherware Accounting Manager –  A fully integrated accounting software package that includes revenue distribution, joint-interest billing, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and invoicing. Customize your package to fit your company at any size with optional modules such as payroll, land management and AFEs.  Access SherWare Accounting manager from any internet connected computer device using Summit Hosting’s SherWare Hosting service.

Disbursement and JIB manager – A stand alone distribution package containing everything needed to disburse your revenue and/or bill for expenses. With no accounting integration, this package allows you to track the oil and gas side of your business with all the industry detail you need.  SherWare hosting extends the reach of this software package to any location with an internet connection.

Some benefits of SherWare Software include:


Save time through automation

SherWare software calculates severance and production taxes, as well as compression and gathering charges, and automatically calculates revenue distribution and joint interest billing invoices.

Create and preview reports

SherWare’s system contains over 100 stock reports available for export and use, and it offers the Ad-Hoc report writer to so you can generate your own custom reports. It also features state-compliant reports for LA, OH, PA, NY, WV, WY and TX.

Complete year-end tasks

With SherWare Oil and Gas software, you can create 1099s and year-end tax reports; and SherWare staff will even submit your 1099s to the IRS in March on your behalf, simplifying your year-end process.


Why choose Summit Hosting for SherWare hosting?

Regardless of your company’s size, SherWare has the software that fits your needs. With Summit Hosting hosting SherWare, you can choose and customize the program you want to use without the expense of investing in the software yourself.

If the Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition is right for you, having Summit Hosting host it gets even better. Because Summit Hosting is already QuickBooks hosting provider, you can use QuickBooks and SherWare software jointly through Summit Hosting, ensuring a smooth integration of the programs. You can also be certain that both programs will always be accessible—our Citrix hosting platform means that anytime you want to log on, you’ll be able to, as long as you have an internet connection. Your business and the safety of the information behind your business is important to us, as well; that’s why we back up your information and store it in multiple locations every day, protecting it from theft and loss.

Whether you are a small operator with just a few wells or an operator with over one hundred of them, having Summit Hosting host your SherWare software will guarantee you easy access, safety, and security—all at an affordable, straightforward monthly cost.