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Is it worth gambling over?

As you may know, there are heightened cybersecurity risks from the escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict. Now, more than ever, you must secure the way you work.

When it comes to harmful cyberattacks, Summit Hosting can help protect your business data with private, secure cloud hosting with 24/7 monitoring and security.

Don’t let hackers steal your information. We keep your data safe with Summit Secure Workspace, our robust collection of security features, including Zero Trust, which requires every user to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated.

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Hacker Cybersecurity Risk
Hackers Can Cost You Money.

Lack of security can cost you.


How much would it cost you to be out of service for 3 weeks? The average downtime due to a ransomware attack is 21 days, which can cripple a small business.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Hackers With The Continual Monitoring Of Summit Secure Hosting.

Tightened security is a must.


The majority of cybercrimes target small to medium businesses. In fact, 65% of small to medium businesses have reported a cyberattack.

Zero Trust Architecture Can Help Protect You From Hackers.

Zero trust architecture can help.


Dealing with cybersecurity (malware, ransomware, phishing, botnet attacks, etc.) is a bigger worry for businesses than supply chain disruption, natural disasters, and the pandemic.


The Best Solution for Peace of Mind

Advanced Cybersecurity From Summit Hosting

Advanced Cybersecurity

You need the best, most reliable hosting solution that will keep you safe from hackers while allowing you the flexibility to work remotely or in the office and access your date securely from anywhere.

Exclusive Access To Summit Hosting Secure Servers

Exclusive Server Access

You have to have a private, dedicated server for your QuickBooks or Sage files that’s yours and yours alone, which is hard to find from most other hosting companies.

Everything You Need Including Zero Trust Architecture From Summit Hosting

Everything You Need

You need a secure, cost-effective solution that enhances your remote accessibility, with 24/7 customer support no hidden fees, and zero trust architecture.

Save Money On Hosting All Your Applications With Summit Hosting Secure Cloud Hosting

More Ways To Save Money

You also have other business applications that you need hosted, and you’d like them all easily accessible, affordable, and secure.

Summit Hosting

Five Reasons to Switch to Summit Hosting

Icon Cloud App
Ability to Host Hundreds of Applications

Dedicated servers offer more options than shared servers. Tell us what applications you need and our engineers will verify that they’re secure and cloud-compatible. Keep business going no matter what you need to work on. See entire directory of applications we host »

Icon Award
Intuit-Certified Hosting Partner and QuickBooks-Certified Experts

We are one of the largest Intuit hosting partners in North America, with thousands of users in the U.S. and Canada. Many of our Engineers are certified on QuickBooks, which means you have access to knowledgeable support. Learn more about Quickbooks cloud hosting »

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Our Expert Solutions

We’ve spent over a decade developing bullet-proof products and services that go above and beyond to deliver incredible performance and peace-of-mind security.

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Sage-Certified Hosting Partner

Summit Hosting is a Sage Partner and works directly with Sage. More Sage customers and partners recommend us over any other hosting company. Learn more about Sage cloud hosting »

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SSAE 18 Certified

Our servers and secure data centers are SSAE 18 Certified. Your information is safe and secure.

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If You Want Secure Cloud Hosting And The Best Solution For Peace Of Mind, You Need Summit Hosting.

Don't Gamble with Your Company's Data

You need a secure, cost-effective solution that enhances your remote accessibility, with 24/7 customer support and no hidden fees. Unlike many other hosting companies out there, we set up a private, dedicated server for your QuickBooks or Sage files that’s yours and yours alone. We can also host your additional business applications, keeping all of your hosting costs in one place.

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