Sage SalesLogix

Sage SalesLogix is a useful CRM software solution that gives you a comprehensive view of customer interactions across your marketing, sales, and customer service and support teams—giving you the information you need to plan, manage and forecast for your business. Sage SalesLogix supplies you with the tools to increase sales, target more profitable customers, and enhance the experience your customers receive.

Why Sage SalesLogix?

Customer Service and Support.

Sage SalesLogix allows you to view all your customer interactions, locate your customer’s purchase history, and generate solutions to customer issues in an easy-to-use interface, increasing the effectiveness of your customer service team. Sage SalesLogix also produces reports to on how your team is doing with call turnaround times, follow-up statistics, and more, so you can track how you’re doing overall.


Sage SalesLogix helps you create targeted, multi-channel campaigns designed to help pull in qualified prospective clients and turn them into customers. With Sage SalesLogix you can generate and manage dynamic marketing campaigns, delivering targeted messages and sales offers to differing markets. Sage SalesLogix also allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, giving you insights into how to best adjust your message, positioning, and strategies.


Sage SalesLogix allows you to analyze your sales pipeline, forecast revenues, and make informed decisions with real-time reporting, dashboards, and business intelligence tools. You’ll be able to manage all key opportunity data in one place and track your lead source, products, status and competitors; or you can automate your sales processes and set up reminders to remind team members to complete tasks. Sage SalesLogix allows you to administer your sales cycle, drive opportunities to a close, and enhance the performance of your sales team.

Why choose Summit Hosting for Sage SalesLogix hosting?

Sage SalesLogix is a valuable CRM software solution that provides customer tracking across all your departments and teams. Hosting Sage SalesLogix with Summit Hosting for your business, you get:

Privacy and security.

With Summit Hosting, your information is backed up daily and stored in multiple locations with high-tech security, instead of being housed on a single server. Your peace of mind is important to us, so we work hard to ensure that your data is safe and secure in our servers.

Support and software maintenance.

Summit Hosting provides many services to enhance your ownership experience—at no extra charge—including installation, setup, daily backups, database maintenance, 24/7 IT support, and software updates. With Summit Hosting doing the setup, you can get started faster.

Integration capabilities.

Cloud hosting was designed to be flexible, allowing integration between applications. With Summit Hosting, you can easily integrate Sage SalesLogix with applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and various back-office accounting solutions.

Multi-user interface.

Summit Hosting allows multiple users to access applications simultaneously, increasing team and company communication. With Summit Hosting, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can all use Sage SalesLogix to enhance business success through customer relationships.


Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting allows you to access your applications and information at any time, anywhere there is internet connection. With a simple URL, you can log in to work from the office, from home, or from the road.


Summit Hosting provides different affordable solutions for software hosting to meet the particular needs of your business. Whether you want one application or many applications hosted, one-user access or multiple-user access, Summit Hosting has a low-cost choice to meet your needs.