Scheduling software add-on for QuickBooks. Automate scheduling, track material usage and inventory, and eliminate data entry errors. Bill.com streamlines and automates online bill payments, invoicing and accounts payable & receivable for businesses. Go paperless with Bill.com’s online “financial office” to help manage your day-to-day finances. All documents and information you, your employees and accountants need are readily and easily accessible online.

Why QXpress?

QXpress is a scheduling software that adds scheduling, job costing, and invoicing abilities to QuickBooks. The benefits of using QXpress include:

Integration with QuickBooks.

QXpress is designed to look and operate the way the rest of QuickBooks does, so you don’t have to learn a whole new system.

No data entry.

Once you start running QXpress, it automatically synchronizes with the information in QuickBooks. Any information entered into QXpress will be automatically added to QuickBooks from then on, saving you time and eliminating data entry mistakes.

Scheduling automation.

With QXpress, you can schedule services to automatically show up on your calendar at any interval you need: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. You can also schedule one-time services for a specific time, date, and crew, or add them to QXpress’s waiting list to be scheduled later.

Track material usage and inventory.

QXpress allows you to track which materials were used, where they were used, and for which customer, helping you separate labor and material costs. Additionally, since QXpress is tied to QuickBooks, when you make changes to inventory your records are automatically adjusted in QuickBooks as well using QX-SYNC technology.

Setting reminders.

Every contact event comes with the option to set up a reminder. QXpress will remind you to contact a certain customer, service your equipment, or do anything else on your to-do list; and it also lets you set up reminders for employees to alerting or remind them of their assignments.

…and more.

QXpress also has features for zone-based scheduling, project scheduling, tracking estimated versus actual hours, turning scheduled services into invoices, emailing invoices, customizing route lists, creating work orders and invoices, and much more. A complete list can be found athttp://www.qxpress.com/Features.aspx.

Why choose Summit Hosting for QXpress hosting?

Already a leading QuickBooks hosting provider, Summit Hosting can ensure a seamless integration of both QXpress with QuickBooks. Other benefits of having Summit Hosting host QXpress for you include:

Staying connected.

Our Citrix hosting allows you to stay connected—wherever you are, whatever time it is—as long as there is internet connection. Whenever you need access to your calendar or schedules, log on to Summit Hosting and you’ll be able to see it all.

Easy access to both QXpress and QuickBooks.

Having QXpress and QuickBooks hosted together ensures that both programs will work together smoothly, and that they’ll always be accessible with the same ease and convenience when you need them.

Enhanced communication with staff.

Summit Hosting allows multiple users to log on and use the same applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—which means you can send your staff reminders and assignments whether you’re in the office or on vacation. Our multi-user access capabilities also give you and your staff the freedom to update and view schedules and calendars anytime, night or day, regardless of who else is logged on.

Saving money.

Because Summit Hosting provides 24/7 IT support, you do not have to worry about spending the time and money to build your own IT team. Summit Hosting also only requires an affordable monthly payment in order to use the software we host, which saving you the cost and headache of investing in, installing, and updating your own software.