A fully functional ODBC driver for QuickBooks that makes reading and writing QuickBooks accounting data files easy.


QODBC is an ODBC driver used for reading and writing QuickBooks accounting data files. Because ODBC drivers make all applications look the same, with QODBC:

  • You can use Microsoft Excel to transfer accounting or invoice information directly into a spreadsheet and create a chart
  • You can use Microsoft Word to perform a customer mail merge directly from QuickBooks Accounting files
  • You can use Crystal Pro Report writer to generate multi-file reports from QuickBooks Accounting data

Benefits of using QODBC include:

Transparent operation

QODBC is transparent and works just like ODBC drivers from other vendors.

Data sharing with QuickBooks

All QuickBooks data elements that are supported by QuickBooks SDK are also support by QODBC. QODBC version 11.0 works with all QuickBooks USA versions 2011-2002.

Why choose Summit Hosting for QODBC hosting?

QODBC is a great driver for accessing the data in your QuickBooks Accounting files. Summit Hosting , already a leading host of QuickBooks, is a great choice to host QODBC for you as well. With Summit Hosting QODBC you can:

Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks

QODBC is a driver for QuickBooks; in order to use it, you have to also be using QuickBooks. Summit Hosting is a leading QuickBooks hosting provider, so by allowing us to host both QuickBooks and QODBC for you, you are guaranteed an effortless integration of the two—plus you’ll be able to access both QuickBooks and QODBC from the same central point.

Forget worrying about updates

Our job is to manage updates and new editions so that your job can be easier. ODBC drivers are always being improved, with new and faster versions frequently coming out. With Summit Hosting , you’ll never have to worry about getting the latest version or making sure your driver is maintained—we’ll take care of it for you automatically. If you do not see the latest edition on our website, all you have to do is let us know, and we’ll get it for you.