QCommission is a powerful, flexible software for calculating sales commission accurately and quickly. It integrates with QuickBooks. It is suitable for all industries starting from 1 payee to hundreds.


QCommission is a powerful, flexible sales commission software tool. It calculates sales people’s compensation, accurately, quickly and professionally. QCommission is integrated with QuickBooks but can also be operated stand- alone.

Sales compensation programs are possibly the most variable programs conducted by a firm.  These programs tend to vary significantly from industry to industry, and many times within companies in an industry.  Because of the highly variable nature of commission calculations, solutions attempting to solve the problem have to be highly sophisticated.  At the same time, they should not burden the user with additional complexity in their operations. One key area of complexity is allowing data interchange between the customer’s existing accounting systems and the commissions system.  A commission system that can understand the structure of the accounting system data and seamlessly bring in the appropriate data necessary for calculating commissions can be a huge benefit in reducing the inherent complexity in that process.

Complementing QuickBooks

QuickBooks does not currently provide detailed sales commission calculation abilities. It is difficult to calculate commissions for

  • Split commission for multiple reps
  • Overrides for managers
  • Varying commission rates by products or customers
  • Varying commission rates by attainment
  • Commissions based on gross profit
  • Commissions based on Job profitability
  • Commissions based on paid invoices versus regular invoices
  • Commissions on sales orders
  • Managing Draw and Guarantees
  • Deductions of expenses from commissions

QCommission complements these needs completely. It can calculate these and other types of commission calculations.

Data Integration

QCommission is designed to integrate with QuickBooks from the ground up. QCommission can import any of the following data from QuickBooks.

  • Invoices, Payments, Credit Memos, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Bills
  • Customers, Customer Jobs, Products and Vendors

QCommission can selectively import data using criteria such as:

  • Import invoices using a date range such as current period
  • Import paid invoices only
  • Bring in Gross Profit and costs using different methods
  • Costs from Estimates, Items, Purchase Orders/Bills

QCommission can also export commission payout data to QuickBooks Payroll and Accounts Payable, depending on whether the payee is an employee or an agent. Data can also be exported to Excel and text files.

QComission Features

QCommission boasts a tremendous number of features to make the task of administering sales commissions easy.

  • Calculate payouts for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc
  • Create unique plans for every payee
  • Establish draws, guarantees, and/or Caps
  • Pay commission by product, customer and by type of sales
  • Calculate gross profit for a line, invoice or customer job
  • Calculate based on sales, gross profit, quantity
  • Make payout adjustments
  • Pay for standard transactions, cancellations and adjustments
  • Pay overrides to sales managers
  • Pay commissions as a percent of sales, flat amounts, tier rate with thresholds etc.
  • Credit sales based on product, customer or salesperson
  • Email commission statements to every payee and associated manager
  • Allow access to statements and reports through the web
Other features include
  • Multiple users can have secure access to the application.
  • All changes are logged for audit purposes
QuickBooks Integration Technology

Intuit supplies the QuickBooks SDK (Software Development Kit) to allow third party products to work with QuickBooks.  The SDK makes sure that the integration and authentication works well with the various versions and models of QuickBooks.  QCommission has partnered with Intuit to use the SDK to access QuickBooks data.

CellarStone provides QXchange, a sophisticated integration tool to map QuickBooks data to QCommission. QCommission can import/export data from other formats such as MS Access, fixed text files, delimited text files, Excel, MS SQL Server, Salesforce.com, etc.

QCommission and QXchange can connect to hosted or on-premises QuickBooks files using the WebConnector feature of the QuickBooks SDK.

Supported Versions

QCommission is supports US Editions of QuickBooks 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 (Pro, Premier and Accountant Editions), Enterprise Solutions 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 , 8.0, 9.0,10.0 & 11.0 of US, Canadian and UK Editions and QuickBooks Online edition. QCommission automatically supports the latest version of QuickBooks since we use the QuickBooks supplied SDK.


Pricing is based on number of people (Payees) getting commission calculated and number of administrative users (Users).