ProSystem fx

Tax software that easily handles all types of federal & state returns, offers extensive electronic filing services, and helps handle complex tax issues.

ProSystem fx Hosting

ProSystem fx Suite is an award-winning collection of applications that allows your business to organize and streamline its tax, accounting, and work-flow processes. ProSystem fx Suite’s many time-saving features and ability to integrate with Microsoft Office will give your our company an exponential increase in productivity. From thousands of automatically calculating forms to paperless solutions and tracking and reporting features, ProSystem fx Suite will has the tax and accounting solutions your business is looking for…and many more that you didn’t even know you needed.  ProSystem fx hosting by Summit Hosting extends the capabilities of ProSystem fx by giving users anytime, anywhere access to Prosystem software through Citrix.

Examples of the many solutions offered by ProSystem fx Suite are:

Prosystem fx Tax

Allows businesses to easily handle extremely complex returns and tax-related issues with an intuitive, highly customizable interface. Features include:

  • Automatic calculations, overrides and optimizations for every federal and state return.
  • Diagnostic system that tests for omissions and inconsistencies and locates related input.
  • Enhanced import wizard that simplifies the task of mapping imported data to the appropriate fields on a worksheet grid, and saves your settings for future use.
  • Comprehensive state programs for all entities, including full multi-state capabilities.
  • Management system that tracks tax return statuses and assigned tasks.
  • Easy-to-use navigation panels, pop-up menus, and other features that allow you to quickly maneuver through returns.
ProSystem fx Document

Give your business a means of filing your electronic documents—including financial statements, tax returns, correspondence, employee records, and more—in a central repository, so you can access them from ProSystem fx Tax with just a few clicks.

ProSystem fx Engagement

You can use this program to import raw client data, prepare adjustments, create financial statements and export completed data to tax returns—and it links to ProSystem fx Tax, so your changes update simultaneously in both programs.

ProSystem fx Hosting: Dedicated Server Pricing

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Why choose Summit Hosting for ProSystem fx hosting?

ProSystem fx Suite’s comprehensive tax and accounting solutions make it one of the most powerful professional compliance software bundles out there—and with Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting, ProSystem’s already-impressive features are enhanced even further for users.

Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting increases the benefits of utilizing ProSystem fx Hosting by providing your business with:

More time

On its own, ProSystem fx Suite already offers a slew of time-saving features; with Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting, you can utilize those features anytime you want, as long as  you have internet access. With hosting your business will always be able to get the job done when it needs to be done—which translates to better efficiency and greater client satisfaction.

More savings

With Summit Hosting ProSystem fx hosting, you don’t have to invest in the IT infrastructure to support ProSystem. Summit Hosting takes care of everything, including 24×7 IT support and installing software and system maintenance updates. Your company will have all the benefits of a powerful network with none of the costs of building and running one.

More security

We store our servers in highly secure data centers with the latest in firewall and encryption protection so that you never have to worry about whether your or your clients’ information is safe from hackers and viruses—and we back your data up every day in multiple locations, so you know it can never be lost.

ProSystem fx Hosting Pricing

ProSystem fx must be installed on a virtual server which is $150 plus $30 per user per month.  Users receive 35GB of storage space and can host up to 4 additional applications for the same fee.