ProSeries Hosting – ProSeries Tax Software

Whether you are a qualified tax professional or just getting started, ProSeries tax software will help you save time and money

ProSeries Hosting – ProSeries Tax Software Dedicated Server Pricing:

The benefits of using ProSeries professional tax software include:

  • New User Onboarding Program

Switching to ProSeries has never been easier and more time efficient, allowing your firm to reap the benefits of using ProSeries quickly. ProSeries’ New User Onboarding Program provides step-by-step support for converting previous data or client’s data into ProSeries Tax, free of charge. A ProSeries professional is available to help whenever needed and monitor your readiness. In addition, ProSeries offers many online tutorials.

  • Convenient Data Entry

ProSeries Tax Import makes data entry simple and convenient. Clients can send their tax form data directly from participating financial institutions or import data through scanning documents. The data is transmitted using 128-bit encryption and never leaves the US, insuring security.

  • E-filing

Starting in 2011, the IRS requires e-filing for anyone doing 11 or more federal individual returns. E-filing is included in ProSeries for free. E-filing also saves toner, paper and postage and has an error rate of less than 1%.

  • ProSeries Professional vs ProSeries Basic

ProSeries Professional is ideal for small to medium-sized practices and sole practitioners. It also incorporates tools to help professionals run a more successful practice. With ProSeries Professional you get:-An all-inclusive set of forms and schedules for individual and business clients-A program that is intended for speed-Help in tax preparation with automated calculations, diagnostics and tax research-Free e-filing and ProSeries Plus which is a bundle of three client-focused tools: Client Checklist, Client Presentation and Client Advisor

ProSeries Basic, intended for the entry-level tax preparer, is an easier-to-use and more affordable tax preparer software than ProSeries Professional. It offers much guidance to those that are just beginning. Some may say it’s the perfect upgrade from TurboTax. With ProSeries Basic you get:-Easy-to-use tax forms and schedules for individual clients-Guided workflows and checklists-Tax guidance and error-checking-Free e-filing on supported forms-Capacity to prepare business returns in ProSeries Professional on a pay-per-return basis

Why choose Summit Hosting?

Hosting ProSeries with Summit Hosting allows you to complete more tax returns in less time. Summit Hosting will maintain the software, perform any updates, and serve as your IT department with ProSeries hosting, so you can focus on your business.

Summit Hosting can host all versions and editions of ProSeries tax software so you do not have to make changes to your tax application environment. With Summit Hosting hosting ProSeries for you, you can:

  • Have complete access

With Summit Hosting, you and everyone else, whether it be the tax preparer, the client or the staff, can access all tax files at anytime, anywhere there is internet access. This allows for faster communication between related parties and increased efficiency. With the ability for many users to access information, Summit Hosting allows the user to customize user preferences, controlling who can see what which results in higher security and control.

  • Be sure you are safe and secure

Summit Hosting’s servers are housed in secure data centers, ensuring protection from viruses and hackers. Summit Hosting is responsible for all backup procedures so you can be sure that your information is safe and always recoverable. This is much more secure than using local backup procedures. Even in the event of a lost hard drive or natural disaster, you can still recover all of your tax files.

  • Save time and money

Summit Hosting reduces any hardware costs, server management expenses, software updates and data center operations staff salaries. Summit Hosting offers 24/7 IT support, curtailing the need to invest in your own IT support system. Any questions that cannot be answered through ProSeries can be answered by Summit Hosting .


Compare ProSeries to other Professional Tax Software

ProSeries vs Drake

ProSeries makes it easier to import data and convert it to be compatible while Drake Software has no mention of this. Although Drake offers a backup system, with Summit Hosting, your work with ProSeries will be backed up in our servers. And while Drake may offer networking so several people can simultaneously use the software, ProSeries is designed for speed and with Summit Hosting hosting, everyone can assess the information from anywhere.

ProSeries vs TaxWise

With TaxWise, conversion software is separate and only available for most tax packages while ProSeries includes it in their New User Onboarding Program. ProSeries also includes ProSeries Basic for more inexperienced users.

ProSeries vs TaxAct

TaxAct requires you to pay a fee of 7.95 in order to receive over-the-phone help. ProSeries contains many already answered questions as well as unlimited help and with Summit Hosting, you get 24/7 IT support.