Accounting document managing and check printing software that saves your business money by eliminating your need for expensive, pre-printed form

Why PrintBoss?

PrintBoss allows you to manage your accounting documents and print checks, eliminating the need for expensive, pre-printed forms. With PrintBoss, you can add a security-protected signature to checks, restrict who can print checks, create a security stamp that identifies who has printed each individual check, and much more. Four different versions of PrintBoss are available, each of which serves different purposes and offers different features:

PrintBoss Select Edition offers:

  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Check and deposit slip printing
  • U.S. and Canadian check printing
  • Positive Pay file creation capability (helps protect against check fraud)
  • Ability to handle an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Automatic Clearing House (ACH) file creation capability

PrintBoss Express Edition offers:

  • Check printing
  • Integration with either QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peachtree
  • Option to choose a bank account at the start of each batch of checks

PrintBoss Standard Edition includes all the features of PrintBoss Express, plus:

  • Compatibility with more than 35 accounting programs
  • Ability to accommodate multiple bank accounts with different logos and signatures
  • Multiple-copy printing in different formats
  • Ability to print unique information on specific copies to identify copies by purpose
  • Electronic creation of original and copies

PrintBoss Enterprise Edition includes all the features of PrintBoss Standard Edition, plus:

  • Dynamic document naming
  • Ability to combines multiple-page emails into a single page using a PDF
  • Option to send emails without an attachment and notify customers that a printout is on the way
  • Printing to TIFF files
  • Option to send outgoing mail to Outlook mailbox

Why choose Summit Hosting for PrintBoss hosting?

PrintBoss is a great way to manage your accounting documents and print checks, saving both time and money. With Summit Hosting, the benefits continue. The advantages of choosing Summit Hosting hosting for PrintBoss include:

Integration with QuickBooks

Summit Hosting is already a QuickBooks hosting provider, which means you can access both QuickBooks and PrintBoss in one central location, ensuring that the two applications will integrate smoothly and will always be available together.


We understand that your accounting documents and check printing information are extremely confidential; that’s why we store your data in our strongly protected, secure, high-tech data centers, making sure that your data is safe from viruses and hackers. We also back up your data every day—in multiple locations—so that no matter what happens, your information is safe.

Flexibility and options

Summit Hosting hosts all four editions of PrintBoss, allowing you to choose whichever version best suits your needs; and if your requirements change, rather than dealing with the hassle (and cost) of buying another edition, Summit Hosting has it available for you to switch whenever you wish.

Confidence and reliability

With Summit Hosting, you can be confident that the PrintBoss software you’re using is updated and will always run smoothly. If you do happen to run into difficulties, we offer 24/7 IT support for our hosted applications—help is always just a phone call away.