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PlanGuru Hosting enables you to prepare business budgets and forecasts in a fraction of the time of spreadsheets. PlanGuru Hosting gives you the ability to update your PlanGuru files from anywhere, anytime. Latest version supported.

Business budgeting, forecasting, and planning software

The old saying goes, most business don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. The annual business plan and monthly / quarterly forecasting process is a process that many big companies spend all year creating and updating. A typical business budgeting process starts in August when the assumptions for the next year plan are created, followed by two months of data collection to fit department budgets into overall profit and loss targets for the corporation. This budget is then consolidated and tweaked before being presented to executive management and then the Board of Directors for approval. Many different software packages are used to create and consolidate these numbers. Once the budget is approved, companies usually go through two or 3 forecasts during the year to ensure the company is still on track to achieve their profit targets for the year.

Many small and medium sized businesses however have not been able to justify the large time and expense commitment required for a detailed planning process. PlanGuru Business Budgeting software changes that metric. PlanGuru is business budgeting and business forecasting software designed to help businesses and non-profits make better decisions. Whether you need a high level forecast for a bank or a detailed multi-departmental operating budget, PlanGuru enables you (or your team) to produce a more accurate budget in less time.

PlanGuru business budgeting software combines a flexible framework with sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools, at a value that is unrivaled. PlanGuru customers range from entrepreneurs and small businesses to multi-national manufacturers and major universities. Automatically integrated balance sheets, income statements and cash flow.

  • Forecast up to 10 years, create multiple scenarios, automatic break-even, and ratio analysis
  • Forecast revenue and expenses, amortize a note, add a line of credit, compute receivables and payables in your budget/forecast in minutes.
  • Excel and QuickBooks compatible
  • With the optional Enhancement Package, consolidate departments, divisions or subsidiaries or value a business
  • Get the most from your budgeting and planning process through PlanGuru’s Professional Advisor program

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