MyProp is an easy-to-use property management software that you can use for an unlimited number of properties, units and tenants. MyProp keeps track of all the information regarding properties and tenants and integrates with QuickBooks to manage your check writing and bank reconciliation.

The benefits of MyProp

Property Management Automation

Special offers, such as first month free rent, can be specified and the tenant will not be charged that month. Late charges and sales taxes are automatically calculated and management fee checks can be automatically written using QuickBooks.

Easy tenant organization

Through MyProp you can charge rent, move tenants in and out and because all tenants want different amenities, MyProp can help manage added charges for garage fees or subleasing. MyProp also consists of a tenant information screen through which you can view or print out tenant history.

Customizable billing statements

With MyProp, depending upon your business and needs, you can change the descriptions on the Billing Statement Form to reflect specific transactions.

Easy to learn

The great thing about purchasing MyProp is that you and your staff only need to learn MyProp specific functions, everything QuickBooks related is already known. Not only does this make it quicker to learn, it also helps save time and money, both of which can now be used to maximize investments. Additionally, MyProp provides an online tutorial and example screenshots to help familiarize new users with MyProp specific functions.

Integration with QuickBooks

Some ways in which MyProp works with QuickBooks includes: When MyProp calculates management fees, it sends the data to QuickBooks which creates a check. When rent, late charges or other payments are received, they are posted to QuickBooks as a sales receipt. This integration with QuickBooks enhances MyProp, saving time as money information is posted automatically.

…and much more

MyProp also features a property management fee calculator, links to a tenant’s lease document, move out reconciliation, reports including lease expiration and delinquency by days and much more.

Why Choose Summit Hosting for MyProp hosting?

MyProp makes managing property a breeze whether it is individually owned or owned in a partnership. As a leading host for QuickBooks, you can manage both MyProp and QuickBooks using Summit Hosting.

As a property owner, it is expected that your clientele, and possibly property space or amenities, will grow with time and with Summit Hosting hosting, you can be assured that growth will be supported as cloud computing has an elastic nature, ensuring flawless growth. Additionally, Summit Hosting will stay on top of advances in technology and take care of updates and new editions. Some of the many benefits of letting Summit Hosting host MyProp for you include:

Staying connected with easy access

With Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting, you can log in to use MyProp anywhere there is internet connection at any time of the day. Whenever you need to check tenant information, review lease documents or anything of the sort, you or your partners and staff can access it through Summit Hosting 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Secure storage of information

Summit Hosting is aware that bank, money and client related information is deemed highly confidential and important to all business people. As MyProp organizes billing and payment information as well as tenant details, you can rest assured that all this data is safely stowed in Summit Hosting servers and backed up on a daily basis.

QuickBooks and MyProp

As Summit Hosting hosts both QuickBooks and MyProp and QuickBooks and MyProp work together, you can be certain that both programs can be accessed with the same feasibility and reliability, anywhere and at anytime.