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Tax Preparation Software in the Cloud
Extend the capabilities of Lacerte Software with Lacerte Hosting by Summit Hosting. Lacerte, a highly rated tax preparation software is made more convenient and accessible when hosted with Summit Hosting. Integrate your application in the Cloud with QuickBooks, Document Management or any other Lacerte related software application.

Lacerte Hosting – The Secure Lacerte Cloud Hosting Company

Lacerte hosting takes Lacerte software—already rated as the top tax preparation application by AICPA—to a whole new level. From improving client experience and efficiency to reducing error margins and operational costs, Lacerte hosting extends the capabilities of this premium tax software.

Lacerte Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing

Some of the benefits of Lacerte Hosting include:

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS Hosted Lacerte tax software is accessible anywhere you have internet access, 24×7. Not only does this mean that you can work with your data anytime you want, it means that your clients can work on shared applications from where they are as well—allowing for easy online collaboration rather than unnecessary in-office meetings or long distance traveling.
MULTI-USER ACCESS Lacerte hosting gives you the same capabilities as with multiuser mode within your office—but without the hassle of actually setting up multiuser capabilities yourself! Instead of having to establish your network and update your system to meet necessary requirements, hosting allows multiple users to access Lacerte tax software (and all of its features) without having to perform any upgrades; the remote servers the files are stored on do all the work. You can also customize individual user preferences, so your clients and staff can only access the files they’re supposed to access.
TIMESAVING EFFICIENCY The Anytime, anywhere access combined with multiuser capabilities of Lacerte Hosting results in a lot of time saved. The collaborative benefits of sharing files in this manner means things get done more efficiently—files don’t have to be passed back and forth and human resources can be maximally utilized. In the end, this translates to less time spent on each individual tax return.
COST SAVINGS Time saved is money saved: but that’s not the only reason that Lacerte hosting can mean fewer out-of-pocket expenses for you. Having your tax software hosted offsite also means reduced IT and technology-related expenditures. Since everything is run on cloud servers, there are no networks to set up, no system upgrades to implement, no data backups (they’re performed every day on your behalf).
ADD-ONS With Add-ons, Lacerte software evolves beyond simply being a tax-filing program to serving as a multifaceted financial solution. From the Lacerte Document management system to the Lacerte Tax analyzer, Lacerte Add-ons improve the functionality of Lacerte software—and with Lacerte Hosting, they’re always available, no matter what computer you’re working from. Hosting also allows for greater integration of Lacerte Add-ons with the tax software, making exporting and importing data from one to the other a seamless process.
ERROR MINIMIZATION With the sharing capabilities Lacerte hosting offers, the likelihood of errors being made is drastically reduced. Not only can files be exchanged and reviewed more easily on the hosting model, you can also offer real-time instructions to your staff and clients. This gives you far more control over the quality of the final product—without demanding more of your time.


Q: Can Lacerte and QuickBooks be hosted together?

Yes—and it’s highly advisable to do so. Lacerte tax software has a function that allows you to import data from QuickBooks; if you have both applications hosted together, you can do all of this data transferring online, making preparation of your clients’ taxes a much more streamlined, rapid process.

Q: Which editions of Lacerte can be hosted?

All editions of Lacerte tax software can be hosted, including Lacerte Individual, Partnership, Corporate, Fiduciary, Gift, and Estate.

Q: What kind of system requirements are involved with Lacerte hosting?

Since the hosting servers are doing most of the work, the requirements for your own system are minimal. As long as you have a current browser and your internet speed is reasonably fast, you should have no trouble getting to your hosted files and applications.

Q: If I get Lacerte tax software hosting, what am I signing up for?

If you choose Lacerte tax software hosting, you’re choosing anytime, anywhere access to your Lacerte software and files; 24×7 help support; automatic daily data backups; and data security tools and firewalls.