Lacerte Document Management

Document management software that allows businesses to file documents electronically, improving organization and protecting information from risk of loss.

Why Lacerte Document Management System?

Lacerte Document Management System allows you to store your files electronically. With the Lacerte Document Management, your business will:

Lower operating costs

The Lacerte Document Management System curtails your need for printing, filing and re-filing, significantly reducing your operating costs.

Improve customer service

Lacerte Document Management System allows you to view, edit, fax, and email information quickly and easily from your computer.

Manage different types of documents within the same system

Lacerte Document Management System allows you to manage documents from many different sources, including Microsoft Office applications.

Protect itself from risk

Because the Lacerte Document Management System stores all of your files electronically, you no longer need to keep a paper filing system for critical information—reducing the potentially costly risk posed by theft, losing or misplacing documents, and fires and other disasters.

Find files more easily

With the Lacerte Document Management System, you can search for any document by name, category, date, type or size.

. . . and much more!

Why choose Summit Hosting for Lacerte Document Management System hosting?

The Lacerte Document Management System allows you to store and access client files electronically, making storing files easier and much more convenient—and with Summit Hosting hosting Lacerte Document Management System, the benefits continue. The advantages of choosing Summit Hosting to host this application include:

24/7 access

Summit Hosting’s Citrix hosting allows you to log in and use our hosted applications anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, you can access the files you’ve stored using the Lacerte Document Management System—and so can your staff and your clients.

24/7 support

Summit Hosting offers 24/7 domestic technical support for our clients on all hosted applications. Not only does this mean you always have help when you need it, it also saves your business money by making it unnecessary for you to invest in IT infrastructure.


Summit Hosting provides state-of-the art protection with the latest and greatest spyware and anti-virus software to protect your data from harm. We back up your data daily and store it in multiple, company-owned locations to ensure that it is always recoverable. With Summit Hosting you can be certain that your data and files are safe and secure.


Lacerte Document Management System is available in the Lacerte Productivity Plus Bundle for $249. With Summit Hosting, you pay an affordable monthly fee (as low as $30) with no hidden costs and no long-term contract. You won’t have to worry about the expenses of server maintenance, software installation, or program updates, either—we do that for you.