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Streamline Tax Services with Lacerte Tax Software

It’s never too early to start thinking about tax season. With Intuit Lacerte, complex returns are made easy, but the professional tax software can only do so much on its own. Boost the power of your tax preparation software with Summit Hosting’s cloud hosting solution. Protect client data, refund transfers, and reduce your IT costs at the same time! 

Lacerte Tax and Summit Hosting allow you to take advantage of all the outstanding tax services you need, like workflow automation and an easy-to-use interface. Rest easy knowing you won’t have to perform updates or worry about server outages; instead, focus on your clients and your CPAs and let Summit Hosting take care of the rest! 

The IRS won’t wait, and neither should you. Uncover your pricing today with a quote from Summit Hosting — your remote CPA firm solution.

Dependable Multi-User Performance

Tackle the most complex tax returns as a team with dependable network capabilities that help software run at a high level — always. Your team can consistently maintain excellent performance from a single computer or an entire multi-user network. Maintain your practice or small business with the standardized functionality of Lacrete’s settings and preferences.

Workflow Automation

Enjoy time-saving features with automated calculations for situations like depreciation, amortization, debt forgiveness, and more. Twenty-five thousand diagnostic triggers prevent any tax return errors, giving you confidence with every filing. Streamline data entry with workflows that match common tax forms and a split screen view that shows how your inputs affect the form. Discover customizations that filter client views and exchange wizards that help record transactions.

Easy-to-Use Interface

A simplified user interface makes data entry logical with a tab-based design that walks you through the filing process. The tab-based design fits within a worksheet framework that allows for “heads-down” data entry. You can filter business returns by tax year or client and use automatic data conversion to make things even easier when importing new customers. Customize your main page to suit your needs and reduce the number of clicks to navigate.

All-Inclusive Form Library

CPAs at your firm will have access to more than 5,700 forms to cover every possible tax situation. Every form is checked in real-time to ensure complete accuracy. Enjoy support for K-1s, consolidated corporations, oil and gas industries, and multi-state filings. Plus, the diagnostics analyzer prevents any errors before you e-file. Data utility tools allow you to store documents for easy access later.

Assistive Integrations

Take the hassle out of operating several programs simultaneously with a virtual office, Intuit Practice Management solution. Lacerte offers a plethora of assistive integrations to obtain e-signatures, store files in the e-organizer, and import financial institution data like Quickbooks accountant or excel. Your accounting software has never been more powerful with these add-ons, especially when you host Lacerte Tax with Summit Hosting.

Tax Professionals Choose Summit Hosting Every Time - Here’s Why

Cloud hosting creates a virtual landscape that’s both fully remote and secure. With Summit Hosting, you enjoy the same great Lacerte and ProSeries Intuit software but on a platform that allows you to operate your firm wherever it suits you best. Summit Hosting takes your security seriously and employs SSAE18 certified servers, multi-factor authentication, and even provides VPNs. 

When you host your Lacerte software on Summit Hosting, you enjoy a dedicated server with layers of encrypted security, dedicated IT experts, and 99% uptime. You also have automatic updates, backups, and server maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about staying up to date. Start taking advantage of these benefits by requesting a quote today!

Discover Lacerte Tax Software with Summit Hosting

Take your CPA practice with you wherever you go with Lacerte Tax and Summit Hosting — a tax planner’s heaven! The tax services and bookkeeping software meet the flexibility of cloud hosting. You enjoy the benefits without having to sit through complicated learning modules, allowing you to enjoy the time-saving benefits immediately. 

Don’t trust your valuable data to just anyone; instead, partner with the leading cloud hosting solution and rest easy. Summit Hosting provides robust protection plus dedicated servers, FAQ answers, and experts to keep you Always On, Always secure. Request a quote today to see how much you can save. We’ll be here 24/7, so you can take advantage anytime!

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